Tell Your U.S. Senators: Reject the Cuts! Fully Renew Unemployment Insurance for 2012

Ross Wallen December 14, 2011 5

We need everyone to contact their Senators right now, and urge them to reject the massive cuts to unemployment insurance, and to renew the full federal unemployment insurance program through 2012.

Dial 888-245-3381, and an automated system will connect you with your Senators.

Sample talking points:

Hello, my name is ______________ and I am ________________’s constituent from ____________.

I am calling to urge _______________ to reject the massive cuts to unemployment insurance in the House leadership’s bill. Vote “NO” on the bill that would slash unemployment benefits in every state, cutting more than half of federal UI benefits in the highest unemployment states. Instead, I urge support for immediate action to renew the full federal unemployment insurance program through 2012.

Without prompt action to reauthorize federal unemployment insurance, more than 6 million hardworking Americans will be cut-off of this critical lifeline next year – nearly 2 million in January alone.

Please tell _____________ that I strongly urge the Congress to reject cuts to unemployment insurance and to act now to fully renew federal unemployment insurance through 2012. Thank you.

On Twitter? Join the #ExtendUI tweet-a-thon!

We’re tweeting all day about the importance of unemployment insurance to millions of Americans and the economy at large.

We’re joining with @AFLCIO @NELPnews, @MomsRising, @HERvotes, and @WorkingAmerica to launch an #ExtendUI tweet-a-thon, making the case to #ExtendUI without cuts or preconditions that hurt the 99%. Join in by tweeting with the hashtag #ExtendUI!

  • CaptD

    Call your Leaders “Local” office also!
    The more calls the BETTER!

  • Thomas O. Nass

    To the members of the once Honorable Congress and Senate: “Ask not” what you can do for your “Special Interest” proprietors and their Lobbying ghouls, “but ask” what you can do (for a change) for your constituents(A.K.A. your Country)! You do remember that you were hired to represent your Country? Don’t you!
    Tom Nass
    5th Marine Division – WWII

  • Gwilloughby

    Certainly many people rely on unemployment insurance to help them through tough times

  • Terrangela

    I called 3 times and was disconnected each time the phone rang to my Senator’s office.

  • fresnodanny

    I was/am a 99er. Those 99 weeks of unemployment saved my life. No I’m NOT lazy. YES I tried to find work the entire time. Since my benefits/extended benefits ran out over a year ago, I’ve just managed to scrape by. A 56 yr old graphic designer is persona non grata these days. I’m now starting my own business since nobody else will hire me. Thank You Republicans for being so unpatriotic, selfish and greedy! Tom Nass of the 5th Marine Division-WWII has my thanks and gratitude for his comment AND his service. Well written, SIR!