Oregon Action

Oregon Action is a broad-based, multi-racial community organization dedicated to economic justice.  We assist people to organize on their own behalf – with a focus on low-income people, people of color and others with limited access to traditional structures of power and policy-making.  Through leadership development and community organizing, we provide the organizational base for participatory democracy, just communities and a fair economy.

Get involved in Oregon! 

Oregon Action works on basic economic, racial and social justice issues. Oregon Action is a statewide organization with local chapters. We have offices in NE Portland and Medford and we organize active local leadership in these two low-income communities. These two chapters work on local community issues and also provide the primary leadership for our statewide campaigns. Since we prioritize leadership development of traditionally disempowered constituents, our active leadership is more predominantly low-income and multi-racial than the population at large. Our statewide board of directors is made up of low-income, moderate-income progressives and activists, a majority of whom are people of color. This is a membership-run organization wherein members control the organization through participation on the state Board of Directors and local chapter campaign committees.

Volunteer at our Portland and Medford Offices. Volunteers are the fuel in the tank, the reason we can move our agenda forward. Whatever your interest–data entry, office help, door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, working at events, or volunteer recruiting–if you’ve got a few hours, we would love your help. Contact our Portland office (971-634-0003) or our Rogue Valley office (541-772-0355) to find out more!


On August 19 and 20, Oregon Action hosted economic summits in Portland and Medford to advance a narrative about the economy and solutions to the current crisis. In Portland, over 30 partner organizations, along with Oregon Action local leaders, shared stories of the personal impact of the recession and campaigns that can help directly improve people’s lives. In Medford, 100 activists and partners gathered and created an action plan. Oregon Action’s economic priorities are green jobs, establishing a state bank and job creation through the state Cool Schools initiative.