Ending the Wars, Cutting Pentagon Spending

USAction supports a responsible, effective end to the war in Afghanistan, and a swift withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. USAction also supports ending funding of wasteful, obsolete military systems and curtailing Pentagon spending, which makes up 56 percent of discretionary spending in the U.S.

Experts have proposed ways to cut nearly $1 trillion between now and fiscal year 2018. Hundreds of millions of dollars in savings could be realized by eliminating the F-35 fighter jet, the V-22 Osprey, the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle and unnecessary air missile defense programs.

More than 70,000 USAction members have urged Congress and the President to reduce Pentagon spending as part of a “Not $1 More” online petition drive. USAction believes the savings gained from cutting wasteful Pentagon spending could make us more secure at home – for example, by strengthening America’s infrastructure of roads, bridges, levees and schools.