Our Stories

The Fight for Unemployment Insurance
In late 2010, millions of Americans – unemployed through no fault of their own — were in danger of losing their unemployment benefits.

The Fight for Financial Reform
The Great Recession put more than eight million Americans out of work. Too-big banks, hedge fund managers, unsavory investors, all of these forces caused it. They engaged in complex, unregulated gambits with no transparency and they sold financial products (such as sub-prime home mortgages) that never should have been sold.

The Fight for Quality, Affordable Health Care for All
In 2007, USAction asked a question: What would it take to pass quality, affordable health care for everyone?

Save Children’s Health Care
In the fall of 2007, President George W. Bush vetoed legislation that would have continued the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) for 6.6 million kids and expanded it to cover an additional 4 million children of low-income families.

Campaign Against Escalation in Iraq
In 2006, voters sent a clear message to Washington: Escalating the violence in Iraq was the wrong way. The war had become as unpopular as it was immoral and unaffordable.

The Fight to Preserve Social Security
Following the 2004 elections, then-President George W. Bush announced that he had accumulated “political capital” and that he “intended to use it.”