Walgreens, we need to talk.

clee July 18, 2014 1

Did you know that America’s largest pharmacy chain wants to dodge billions in U.S. taxes by changing its corporate address to a tax haven?

The tax code can be tricky but this is pretty simple. Walgreens wants to break up with America to dodge U.S. taxes and still get the benefits of everything we built together.

Tell Walgreens: We need to talk. And pledge not to shop at Walgreens if they change their corporate address to dodge U.S. taxes.

Walgreens doesn’t make $72 billion in revenue last year without American customers. Or the $16.7 billion of that revenue which comes from Medicare and Medicaid. Or without the roads and bridges to ship goods. Or the safety and security provided by local police and firefighters.

What will it take to get Walgreens to stick to its American roots?

A potential revolt by Walgreens customers nationwide who are sick and tired of huge corporations dodging taxes and sticking working people and families with the bill.

The issue here isn’t simply that corporations must pay their fair share in taxes. Or that consumers have the collective power to hold corporations accountable. We believe that if you do good in America, you should do good by America.

Pledge to stop shopping if Walgreens changes its headquarters address to a tax haven.

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  1. Elaine August 1, 2014 at 10:10 am - Reply

    I’ve boycotted both Exxon Mobile and Walmart since ’98, so I’m well aware of how evil they are.

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