USAction Statement on Harris V. Quinn Supreme Court Decision

clee July 1, 2014 0

“The US Supreme Court’s extreme views will not stop workers from coming together to fight for our rights inside the workplace and quality services in our communities. USAction stands with our brothers and sisters to have the freedom to choose to come together to make our communities strong against greedy CEO’s that only care about their profits and pay packages.”

Washington, DC – Americans are ready to stand up for good jobs and will continue to have a strong voice for the middle class across the country in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Harris v. Quinn today.

“No court case will stand in the way of working people coming together to have their voices heard to make real change in our communities,” said Fred Azcarate, Executive Director of USAction.

The National Right to Work Foundation, an extreme anti-worker group, whose founders include billionaires like Charles Koch and the Walton family, brought this case. It is the latest effort to attack workers rights and freedoms to choose if they want to collectively come together to improve their lives and the communities that they serve.

Fred Azcarate added, “USAction stands with our brothers and sisters that fight for quality services in home care, an industry that its workers are paid low wages for back breaking work. We believe in an economy that works for all of us – a cornerstone of that economy is the ability for workers to collectively bargain with their employers. Being able to have the freedom to join together in a strong collective voice is fairness plain and simple.”


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