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clee June 13, 2014 0

When workers are under attack, we fight back.

Amber Diaz — a T-Mobile worker for eight years — was unjustly fired for exercising her rights to organize a union. Last Thursday, Amber went to T-Mobile’s shareholder meeting to demand justice for all T-Mobile workers and ask a simple question: “How can T-Mobile pay its CEO millions of dollars, while its call center workers earn so little they are forced to rely on government assistance?”

A huge part of building an economy that works for all of us is the right to form a union without intimidation. Sign here to stand in solidarity with Amber and other workers fighting for a union and a voice in the workplace and we’ll make sure T-Mobile gets your signature.

T-Mobile employees, customers and shareholders have urged Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of T-Mobile, over and over to provide a comprehensive report on its labor practices. And last week Amber asked T-Mobile’s Board of Directors and Deutsche Telekom CEO, Timotheus Höttges, if they would commit to ending these kinds of human rights violations.

Sadly, the company decided to vote against a proposal that would have brought T-Mobile’s intimidation of workers out of the shadows and provided a comprehensive report about labor right violations to investors and consumers.

But it doesn’t stop here. As Amber said recently “When we keep up the pressure and continue to fight, we can make change at T-Mobile. I will not give up the fight – and I hope you will fight with me.”

Take action to stand with Amber. Tell T-Mobile to respect its workers’ right to organize a union and have a voice on the job.

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