Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United and McCutcheon

clee May 21, 2014 2

HUGE news! Last week Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced support for a constitutional amendment to reverse disastrous Supreme Court decisions on money in politics.

In the Citizens United vs FEC and McCutcheon vs FEC rulings, the corporate wing of the Supreme Court reduced our voice to empower huge corporations and billionaires like the Koch Brothers to flood even more money into our elections. Passing a constitutional amendment will not be easy, so we need to respond quickly and build on this momentum to build a democracy that works for all of us.

Sign here and we’ll deliver your signature to the Senate in advance of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on June 3rd.

GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, out of touch with his constituents and public opinion, called the effort “the ultimate act of radicalism” and called on his Republican friends to reject anything that would reduce the impact of big money in elections. But we know that money is not the same as free speech.

Help us show Mitch that Americans are sick and tired of a system rigged to benefit the ultra-rich and big corporations at the expense of working people and our voice in our democracy.

Sen. Reid gets it and he needs our support to make this happen. From his remarks on the Senate floor today: “the flood of special interest money into our American democracy is one of the greatest threats our system of government has ever faced. Let’s keep our elections from becoming speculative ventures for the wealthy and put a stop to the hostile takeover of our democratic system by a couple of billionaire oil barons.”

We agree. If you do too, join us to to help create a democracy that works for all of us, not just huge corporations and billionaires.


  1. Leslie Larson May 22, 2014 at 1:55 am - Reply

    Money in politics has been an issue for at least 30 years. It just keeps getting more extreme, and thanks to being allowed to pay a fraction of the taxes they should be assessed, billionaires and multi-millionaires have more money. They spend it to purchase the government. There’s also the problem of not voting or voting against one’s self-interest.

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