USAction Executive Director Arrested on Capitol Hill

Fred Azcarate August 1, 2013 0

When I wrote you last week, I shared my family’s personal immigration story. I spoke of my parents who came to this country as Filipino immigrants in the early 60s, seeking opportunity and a better life. They worked hard, paid their fair share in taxes, and contributed to their community. And in the 1970s, a roadmap to citizenship enabled them to become naturalized citizens.

But that roadmap to citizenship does not exist for millions of aspiring citizens and their families. That’s why more than 30 progressive leaders and activists, including myself, our board member Heather Booth and Program Director Alan Charney, were arrested in an act of civil disobedience on Capitol Hill.

Our purpose: to send a clear message to the House GOP that we will not stop until comprehensive immigration reform that includes a roadmap to citizenship is finally enacted into law.

Coming on the heels of a successful Senate vote, we now have the momentum on our side. Now we just need to push it towards the finish line. Will you chip in $15 to help fund on-the-ground grassroots organizing to advance immigration reform?

We know that we have the votes in the House. And we know we have the overwhelming support of the American people on our side. Now we must continue to pressure the Republican leadership to not give in to the Tea Party fringe of their party and prevent a vote from coming to the floor.

So we have launched our August Recess Month of Action where we will pressure Republicans in the House to not stand in the way of immigration reform. Click here to chip in $15 to help fund on-the-ground grassroots organizing to advance immigration reform.

In the month ahead we will do postcard collection at festivals and parades, and hold events and visits to offices of Members of Congress to show broad support for immigration – small and large business, farmers, faith leaders, African Americans, immigrants and friends and neighbors – and hold their feet to the fire on this issue.

We must let Congress know that we will not be taking “No” for an answer. Our important work will raise the moral and political urgency for reform, through escalating activity and echoing calls for a roadmap to citizenship. Now we just need your help to make it happen. A $15 donation will buy 1,000 postcards for constituents to contact their Member of Congress to demand a vote. Please chip in $15 or more to help fund on-the-ground grassroots organizing to advance immigration reform.

Fred Azcarate
Executive Director, USAction / TrueMajority


PS: Can’t donate right now? No worries, can you make a call to your Representative in the House? Call888-787-9658 and demand a vote on immigration reform with a roadmap to citizenship.

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