Rep. Boehner’s Unwelcoming Tour

Emma Einhorn August 8, 2013 0

Protesters from Citizen Action of New York

This week Rep. Boenher is bringing his obstruction politics around the country. He is not traveling to listen to Americans – but to attend $2,500 a plate fundraisers. His priorities are wrong from trying 40 times to repeal ObamaCare to pandering to the wealthy and corporations while not making them pay their fair share of taxes. USAction and our affiliates were there along the way to make sure the Rep. Boehner can’t hide from the issues and ensure he heard our views loud and clear.

First stop was Harrisburg, PA where Keystone Progress greeted Rep. Boehner with over 200 people outside of a join fundraiser with Rep. Perry. The message was clear – give us a vote on citizenship! Congress decided to shut its doors for 5 weeks without dealing with one of the most important issues on its plate.

“The reality is we have to do this,” rally attendee Jorge Salazar said. “People need to know that we (immigrants) are your neighbors, we are next to you in school, we are next to you in church. All my friends are American citizens. We are entrenched in the culture that is America. We are part of the people that are here.”

Rep. Boehner’s next stop was Liberty, New York where Citizen Action of New York  was with him every step of the way. Citizen Action waited outside the restaurant where Rep. Boehner was having dinner in hopes to share the views of average Americans, not just those who are able to afford fundraisers. Well, the Rep. did not want to hear what New Yorkers have to say so he changed plans and went to a different restaurant.

At a rally in front of a Rep. Gibson/Boehner fundraiser, Citizen Action organizer Kat Fisher relayed the reason to protest:

“Speaker Boehner, Congressman Gibson and Republicans in Washington are clearly out of touch with what is happening here in the Hudson Valley,” Fisher said. “Instead of creating jobs, investing on our communities, giving kids a head start, fixing our broken immigration system, and protecting our environment, their extreme Washington politics are dividing this country. Our communities are suffering while John Boehner, Chris Gibson and Republicans push this extreme agenda in Congress.”

Since Rep. Boehner was avoiding talking about real issues at every turn Citizen Action also waited outside his hotel the next morning. Boehner once again would not engage in a conversation – so our volunteers happily said good bye and don’t come back!

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