Give New Jersey a Vote

intern July 1, 2013 0

By Windy Aldeborgh

Join USAction affiliate New Jersey Citizen Action to tell NJ Gov. Chris Chistie to sign a bill allowing voters who come out for the special elections on October 16th to vote for general election candidates as well.

Governor Christie is dead set on spending $12 million on a special election in October to fill the U.S. Senate seat. That’s just 20 days before the general election when Governor Christie faces re-election. Two elections in 3 weeks!

What do we, the voters, get for that extravagant sum?

We get lower turnout and voter confusion for both elections, when we’ll be voting for two of New Jersey’s most important leaders, US Senator and Governor.

So what can we do?

Today the NJ Legislature will pass a smart bill that would allow voters on October 16 (the date of the special Senatorial election) to vote early for general election candidates, that same day.

Tell Governor Christie to give New Jersey voters the chance to vote early by signing A4249/S2882.

Governor Christie vetoed an early voting bill earlier this year citing the expense, but he won’t be able to use that excuse this time since he has already wasted 12 million in taxpayer dollars to hold a special election we don’t need. This bill would make sure that New Jersey’s voters won’t have to choose between the elections due to child care or work schedule issues.

It’s common sense to allow early voting on October 16. Click here to tell Governor Christie to sign A4249/S2882 and allow all New Jerseyans the chance to vote.

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