Victory in Massachusetts!

clee June 28, 2013 0

What a week — Supreme Court decisions, special elections, Senate votes, filibusters in Texas and more. In the flurry of news, it’s important to note we SCORED A HUGE VICTORY together Tuesday night when voters in Massachusetts chose to elect Ed Markey.

With Elizabeth Warren elected last November, now we have not one but TWO progressive champions serving the state of Massachusetts in the Senate.

Our volunteer calls, which reached tens of thousands of Massachusetts voters, made a difference — and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing volunteers and donors like you. But the fight continues on, with a number of competitive races just on the horizon so we need to start laying the groundwork now. Help us build power to elect progressive champions all across the country with a monthly recurring donation of $5. Become a member of the Monthly Majority today.

We were one of the first national progressive groups to fight for Ed Markey by reaching out to progressive voters through our virtual phonebank — first defeating his more conservative opponent in the primary, and then beating his GOP opponent in the general.

Now the next election on our radar is the special election in New Jersey, to replace Sen. Lautenberg (D-NJ) who passed away earlier this month. Already, NJ Gov. Chris Christie is trying to rig the race and weaken the Democratic ticket by having a special election on a Wednesday in October — just 20 days before he himself faces re-election. This blatantly politically-motivated decision will cost New Jersey $12 million in taxpayer dollars, and is a boondoggle designed to diminish Democratic turnout.

That means it’s on us, once again, to get out the vote and ensure New Jersey’s Senate seat stays blue. Click here to become a monthly recurring donor by joining the Monthly Majority today.

We continue these fights because we know that without progressive champions in Congress as well as state legislatures and Governors around the country, we will be unable to pass meaningful legislation — whether it be immigration reform, making millionaires and corporations pay their fair share, preserving Medicare and Medicaid or protecting a woman’s right to choose.

And this week’s Supreme Court rulings on the Civil Rights Act and marriage equality were a strong reminder of just how much is at stake.2 We need good Senators that won’t send people like Scalia and Alito to the Supreme Court, and who will vote to enact our progressive agenda.

With the special election in New Jersey, a soon-to-be open Senate seat in Montana and a close gubernatorial election against a Tea Party extremist in Virginia, we have multiple fronts we must tackle in the months ahead. Help USAction elect progressive champions to the Senate and beyond with a recurring donation of $5. Click here to become a member of the Monthly Majority today. 

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