Tell Congress: Don’t cut vital programs to increase Pentagon spending.

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We spend more on weapons and war than the combined military budgets of the next 16 countries, including many U.S. allies and friends.1 But House Republicans want to fund an increase in Pentagon spending with more cuts to vital services – literally taking hot food from the mouths of vulnerable seniors 2 and robbing children of education and a path to a brighter future. 3 

This outrageous plan and the right-wing obsession with cutting our nation to the core must be stopped.

Tell Congress: Don’t cut vital programs to increase Pentagon spending.

Slashing vital social safety net programs that serve millions of families makes absolutely no sense, which makes the GOP’s 2014 spending plan particularly cruel.

They would add to the devastating sequester cuts to domestic spending in order to increase a Pentagon budget that already eats up 57% of the money Congress votes on.4

Well it’s time for Congress to hear what the American people think about the GOP’s tea-party priorities. Tell Congress: Don’t cut vital social safety net programs to increase Pentagon spending.

Some in Washington have completely lost touch with the everyday struggles of life – finding and keeping a good job, paying rent and bills on time and taking care of our friends and family who’ve fallen behind through no fault of their own.

As families and communities struggle just to get by, we need jobs and prosperity for all, not austerity. We have collapsing bridges in Washington,5 we have cancer patients going without treatment6 and we have children being turned away from Head Start at a time when we should be investing in their future.7

It’s up to us to stop these cuts to our communities and speak out for prosperity for all. Join us as we call on Congress to do the right thing and defend our social safety net against these radical right-wing attacks. Click here to take action now.

Thanks for all you do!


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