Fair Elections for New York: Listen to Us

clee April 1, 2013 1

Cross-posted from USAction affiliate Citizen Action of New York here: Listen to Us.

As the New York Times reported this morning, we and our partners in the Fair Elections for New Yorkcampaign launched a new TV ad that will begin airing today in every market across New York State.

The new ad, “Listen to Us,” focuses on how Fair Elections will shift Albany’s priorities to be in line with the priorities of voters, instead of the priorities of CEO campaign contributors.

Here’s the ad:

Here’s the transcript:

ANNCR: “Everyday New Yorkers just aren’t being heard because political campaigns are dominated by big money.

“As hard as we try, it doesn’t feel like anyone in Albany is listening.

“That’s why we need Fair Elections.

“By limiting political contributions and matching small donations with public funds… “

“…the politicians would have to listen to us for a change.”

“Join Governor Cuomo and pass the Fair Elections proposal.

“Go to FairElectionsNY.org”

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  1. g. a. klemme April 4, 2013 at 6:39 am - Reply

    i hope for sanity in the govt. i hope for a future for my grandkids. i hope for fairness in who has to give up so much. greed is not good, it kills families. just so sick of it.

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