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Ross Wallen March 21, 2013 1

Yesterday, 84 House Democrats stood up for jobs and prosperity for all by voting yes on the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ Back to Work Budget. We need progressive champions to guide the way out of this jobs crisis, and the CPC provided leadership with the progressive alternative to Paul Ryan’s cruel austerity budget.

Will you join us in thanking the Congressional Progressive Caucus for all of their hard work?

If you’re on Twitter, please click here to tweet: Thank you Rep. @KeithEllison & @USProgressives Caucus for the #Back2Work budget! We need #jobs & prosperity, not austerity via @usaction

Or you can like the Congressional Progressive Caucus on Facebook and write a message on their wall thanking them for proposing the Back to Work Budget, a budget that fights for middle class jobs, not tax cuts for the rich.

By focusing on job growth, rather than more tax cuts for the rich, the Congressional Progressive Caucus proved that there is a viable alternative to the forced austerity proposals coming from the GOP.

If enacted, the Back to Work budget would have created 7 million jobs, rebuilt our crumbling roads and bridges, invested in education so our children will be prepared for a 21st century economy and strengthened Medicare and Medicaid so more people can seek the health care they need — not less.1

The Ryan Budget and the Back to Work Budget represent two clear choices for America’s future — invest in jobs for working Americans or continue tax breaks for the world’s richest individuals and corporations. The truth is, neither of these two budgets ever had a chance of getting passed into law as written. But today’s vote — an improvement from last year’s showing of 78 — is the first step in a path towards a more progressive budget this spring.

1 – “The Congressional Progressive Caucus: A Serious Budget That the Serious People Won’t Take Seriously,” Center for Economic and Policy Research, March 13, 2013

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