ACTION: Don’t cut Social Security to pay for wasteful Pentagon spending!

clee December 19, 2012 3

Social Security benefit cuts are part of the emerging fiscal showdown deal.1 But the deal includes only $100 billion in cuts to the bloated Pentagon budget!

We need to make our voices heard NOW.

Help us send a clear message to the White House and Congress: Don’t cut Social Security to pay for Pentagon waste!

The so-called Chained CPI adjustment, the terrible idea with the terrible name, would reduce benefits that America’s seniors rely on to survive. Social Security benefits average less than $15,000 a year and nearly 40% of seniors rely on Social Security for more than 90% of their income.2Social Security benefits should be off the table because Social Security doesn’t add a nickel to the deficit and there’s much more than $100 billion to cut from the Pentagon. Even though the United States spends more on its military than the next 19 countries combined, for far too long, it has been taboo to even suggest small and strategic cuts to the Pentagon budget.3 But we know that how we spend our resources is just as important as how much we spend.Join USAction and RootsAction today: Don’t cut Social Security to pay for Pentagon waste!

Instead of wasting billions on outdated Cold War-era weapons systems that even the military says it does not want, we can reshape our armed forces for the 21st century and use the savings to invest in programs that strengthen our economy, generate new jobs and meet the needs of our returning veterans.

As budget negotiations heat up in Congress, we know we’re facing an uphill battle. In his parting address, President Eisenhower warned us against an entrenched military industrial complex — and boy was he right.

Even though the war in Iraq is over, and the drawdown in Afghanistan continues, Pentagon contractor CEOs making up to $26,000,000 a year are lobbying their friends in Washington to protect their exorbitant salaries and corporate profits, at the expense of middle class and military families.4

Enough is enough. Click here to send a clear message to the White House and Congress that they were elected to represent America’s working and middle class families, not corporate CEOs getting rich off of our bloated Pentagon budget.


  1. George D Harvey December 21, 2012 at 5:59 pm - Reply

    The position you put forth warrants considerable attention and thought.
    You present a strong case to separate the two issues.
    We cannot afford a bloated defense budget at the
    expense of our citizens.
    Politics is serving no one when it remains tied to big money
    interests at the expense of the American family.

  2. James Eisberg December 28, 2012 at 7:50 pm - Reply

    Why should American exceptionalism include staggering expenditure on “defense”. If we cut 9 out of every 10 defense dollars we would match France in per capita defense spending, and France is not a bad match–it has commitments all over the world from ties with its previous colonies. We should task “defense” forces with figuring out what to do instead of rattle sabers–let me suggest shipbreaking; learning Farsi, Pashto, Hindi, Chinese & Tagalog and monitoring (and sabotaging) anti-American websites; teaching Jeffersonian Democracy and Rule of Law to Middle Easterners, Russians, and others; teaching true physical education and nutrition to schoolkids and others; and for those who really need to kill, targeted assassinations of terrorists foreign and domestic (I have a little list, replete with Afghan warlords, African dictators, Somalian pirates, kleptocrats everywhere, and card-carrying members of the vast right-wing conspiracy). We need to use our guns wisely, not just stockpile them in case of foreign or alien attack or the apocalypse. Why just write books and make movies about assassination squads when we can set them up–if the President can authorize torture wholesale assassination should be easy. If we can’t be respected, let’s be feared–anyone who chants “death to America” should be fair game.

  3. Meilaushi January 13, 2013 at 10:43 am - Reply

    Trouble with the ‘cut pentagon spending’ is, as always, the republicans’ big money industry and filthy rich backers who profit from the ‘Military-Industrial Complex’ President Eisenhower was so worried about. It only gets worse and worse, and will stay that was so long as big money runs politics and so long as the republicans and some democrats are owned by gun manufacturers, Military item producers, and so forth. It won’t get any better until the moneyed lice are kicked out of government ownership… and the likelihood of that is really problematical. It’s no wonder that in the vast majority of American’s eyes Congress is a worthless good for nothing bunch of cruds… especially the House with its corrupt preponderance of republicans.

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