Showdown in Washington Webinar

Ross Wallen November 27, 2012 1

The 2012 elections are over, and the mandate was clear: “We’re all in this together” defeated “You’re on your own.”

Now, in the looming fiscal showdown, we must make certain that Congress gets this message. With so many moving parts, it is essential that progressives have a unified story to tell.

So we are excited to invite you to join our webinar: The Showdown in Washington webinar will be held on Friday November 29th at 3:00 PM Eastern.

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The presentation was developed by USAction and the webinar is being co-sponsored by the Coalition on Human Needs.


This is a showdown between two visions: prosperity for working families and the middle-class or more for millionaires and CEOs. Congress needs to act by early next year to avoid a double-dip recession and millions more out of work. But NOT by the end of the year – it’s not a cliff.


  1. End the Bush tax breaks for the richest 2%
  2. No benefit cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security
  3. Prevent cuts in programs for low-income people and protect vital services for poor and working families.
  4. Good jobs for America – not cuts


The so called “Grand Bargain” is actually a Grand Swindle to cut security for working families and the middle class and to protect tax breaks for the super rich.

To register for this webinar click here:

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