Call Congress: End the Bush tax cuts for the top 2%

clee November 13, 2012 379

Today, Congress is back in session. With the election over and a showdown over the budget looming, it’s time to get to work.

Pundits and politicians are demanding that the deficit be reduced dramatically – paid for by deep cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

But there’s one way to cut the deficit that won’t threaten our fragile economy or put our most vulnerable citizens at risk — ending the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2%.

Help us tie up the phones of Congress today. Call toll free at (888) 497-9539 right now and demand an end to the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2% now. Leave a comment below to let us know how your call went!

Tell them that you WANT TO END the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2% — that’s for anyone earning over $250,000 a year.When you call our toll free number, you’ll be given a brief script, asked for your zip code and then be automatically connected to your Senators or Representative’s office. Call all three if you have the time.

When Americans went to the polls last week, we delivered a clear mandate. We rejected the “trickle down fairy dust” of the past and demanded a balanced approach from our elected leaders. Now it’s time they listened. 

Call Congress now at (888) 497-9539 and demand an end to the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2% now. Once you’re finished, please let us know how the call went in the comments below!


  • jerirose

    Called Sen Akaka’s office they took my statement about ending tax cuts without comment.

  • Rruppena

    The person who answered the phone said she would pass this message on. She said she didn’t need my name or anything.

  • Calicojordan

    I left a message with Senator Patty Murray, Washington State, demading an end to the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2% now. I know that she is on that same page, thank goodness!

  • Fritzie

    Left message with staffers of Sen Nelson and Rubio…told them to end Bush tax cuts for top 2%…and to keep Social Security solvent by raising the ceiling…eliminating the ceiling…

  • pennyd

    The person who answered Ohio’s Rob Portman’s phone said she would pass the message to Sen. Portman, not asking my name or address. I already know Sen. Sherrod Brown supports ending tax cuts on the super rich.

  • Ibpollard

    I spoke with staff person and she was appreciative of the call and will let Senator McCaskill know. She took my zip code and I gave her my name as well as congratulating the Sen. on her win.

  • Suzanne Zuercher

    I called Mark Kirk’s office. Got a voicemail and left my message and the information they requested from me.

  • Vincent De Stefano

    I was told be Senator Feinstein’s staff that they were getting lots of our calls

  • factmania

    I called Senator Pat Toomey, since I felt Senator Casey was already supportive of ending Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. The assistant with whom I spoke took my name and zip code after I requested that Senator Toomey lend his support to this important decision. I also stated that election results have confirmed that Americans want Congress and the Senate to stop the intransigence and obtructionism and start governing.

  • ERBM

    Left message with Senator Levin, D-MI. We must end the Bush tax cuts for the rich.

  • Susan Schesnol

    McCain’s voice mail was full. I will try to send an email.
    Person at Kyl’s office said she would pass my message along to him and appreciated the call.

  • Trust

    Neither WA senator’s office asked for name or address. Senator Murray’s office repeated my message back to me, and said “no taxes on the richest 2%?” I hope I was able to correct her!
    I really wanted to contact my Representative, Cathy McMorris-Rogers, b/c she is a “support-everything-Republican” representative.

  • Jordan

    Left messages for both my senators.

  • Nfleauwilson

    I did call and the lady who answered the phone said she would pass this message on.

  • Christina

    I shared my opinion with Sen. Durbin’s office of IL and they said, “Thanks.” Sen. Durbin is a supporter of this tax cut so I know he will listen to us.

  • Ethel Patten

    I was not able to get through to Senator Cornyn, perhaps due to your program to tie up his phone lines with calls. I did get through to Senator Hutchinson’s office and made my plea for higher taxes for the rich and responsible government. Ethel Patten

  • Jenny Gutbezahl

    Called Senator Brown. The person on the phone sounded rather depressed; can’t say as I blame him. Also called Senator Kerry – his intern asked for my name (Senator Brown’s didn’t), which I gave, along with the information that I had supported Senator Kerry at every election – including his presidential bid (I couldn’t say that to Brown’s office without lying), which got a nice reaction.

  • Hibbdh

    Senator Maria Cantwell staff states they support ending the the Bush tax cuts

  • Djk Pekin

    answering machine at Sen. Kirk’s office

  • Ldwiedemann

    I spoke to Senator Landrieu’s office and my opposition to the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2%
    was received without comment.

  • Kcyellowcat

    called Sen Moran had to leave a message to stop Bush tax cuts
    called Sen Roberts, spoke with a staffer and they said they would pass the word on
    called Cong. Yoder and spoke with a staffer, they said they would pass the word on
    left name and address on all 3, they have my number by now! :)

  • Phil Wood

    I called both Senator Roy Blunt (R) and Claire McCaskill (D). Both staffers were very polite and said that they’d register my comments with the senators. I think they were pleasantly surprised to hear a pleasant voice ;-)

  • Dianeamos1

    Spoke with aide to Sen Burr and left a message for Sen Hagan.

  • Sue

    Called Congressman Chris Smith from NJ left comment w/ his office. He only said he would pass the comments along to the Congressman. I do not have to call my Senators Menendez and Lautenberg I know were they stand on this issue. They stand with the President.

  • Hattie Roy

    Called Texas had to leave a message.

  • Patrice Summers

    Senator Feinstein’s aide took my name and was quite helpful. She explained that Sen. Feinstein had proudly voted for Senator Harry Reid’s bill to end the tax cuts for anyone earning $250,000./year, or more. There was a short wait to reach her office as the phone lines were reported to be quite busy!

    I did not call Senator Barbara Boxer’s office as I am well acquainted with her position, and votes to end the tax cuts for the rich.

  • Mshinsky2

    I was connected to Sen. Mark Warner’s voicemail.
    I already know that he supports the end of the Bush
    tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%!

  • 14democracy

    I called both of my senators and my congressman to urge them to not go along with any pressure that might be brought to bear from Obama as he likely will try to sell us down the river again–why I voted for Roseanne! I told them that if they wanted to fix the deficit, end the wars and tax the rich, not to cut Medicare or Social Security or raise the age limit.

  • Ken Yatsko

    spoke with aide for Sen. Lugar and Coats and they said they would give them the message to eliminate the 2% tax cut for the rich and support the seniors and middle class

  • guest

    On behalf of our household, spoke to Kyl and McCain’s office.

  • Lisa

    left a message for Sen. Marco Rubio.

  • Cbs630

    After calling the toll free number there was a busy signal trying to get through to Senator Gillabrand. I have no doubt that she and Senator Schumer support the ending of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. It is obscene that anyone in Congress would stand in the way of this needed measure. The election was a referendum and the people are entitled to be heard. If all the money spent by the parties for the campaign had gone to those in need we would already be on the road to recovery.

  • Barbra Drake

    I called our Wisconsin senators, Ron Johnson and Herb Kohl. The staff members were polite, listented attentively, and I believe they will pass on the info because I said something unusual–I cited history as to the best business model that would bring back prosperity. Rep. Ron Kind’s staffer was very enthusiastic, and mentioned that Mr. Kind would be very interested in historical similarities to our current situation. We had a very similar economic situation and disparity of class in the 19th and early 20th centuries. An economic model similar to Mr. Obama’s brought prosperity to everyone.

  • John Terlazzo

    Left a message (electronic) with Casey & left a message with a Toomey aid.

  • Yvetterosendo

    I called Senator Casey and Senator Toney. Left voicemail For Casey.
    I spoke to Toney’s aid. I expressed my concerns and stated my
    reaction to PBS airing of 740 Park Avenue. I just lost my job after
    20 years of service. Everyone needs to pay their fair share. Thanks Yvette Rosendo

  • Bill Granche

    Contacted both PA Senators, Toomey and Casey. Got a tape for Casey, as always and left a message. Spoke to a receptionist at Toomey’s number and left the same message.

  • Jonathonmontag

    Called Mark Udall and Michael Bennett; left message; added – I want politicians to sucease
    labeling the social safety nets as entitlements.

  • Bethany_nelson

    Left messages on automated responses of Brown and Kerry. Spoke with a Tierney rep, who said she’d convey my message to the Congressman.

  • Tycosamspo

    GOT an answering machine message. left my message.

  • kec

    I left a msg for Senator Coates, Indiana. Spoke with one of his staffers.

  • VA resident

    Just spoke with a member of Mark Warner’s staff (D-Va). I let her know we expect the tax cuts to expire for those making over $250,000. She said she’d pass my comments to the Senator. That was all.

  • Mmm4380

    got a busy signal all 3 times I tried! Thats a good thing tie up the phones!

  • Aliciaphinney

    Spoke to voice mail for bob casey. STOP the Bush tax cuts. No more excuses No more delays.
    A VERY opposed constituent!!!!

  • Sandra Knauf

    Left a message in Mark Udall’s office that the senator needs to fight for the middle class!

  • Martinlf

    Left messages for Casey and Toomey.

  • Maria

    Senator Levin’s staff said they would pass the message onto the Senator.

  • an unselfish human being

    called Pat Toomey….admins took my message

  • Stephanieodegard

    Seanator Gillibrand’s office is rentering my comment to end the tax cuts for the wealthy.

  • Gayle B. Rosenberry

    Called Senators’ Mikulski and Cardin. The message will be passed on to both Senators’.

  • Pixleyjohn

    John Pixley Michigan….I called Senators Stabenaw,and Levins staffers and asked for an end to the Bush tax cuts for the tolp 2%…The tax cuts gave the rich enough to buy a new Porsche and enough for the middle class to buy a muffler for our cars..

  • Jesse

    Called Senator Wyden’s office……almost cold reaction to my request……this is a senator that ran on “working across the isles”……….didn’t get the feeling that this is the case. Asked my zip code and told that the message would be passed on to Wyden… another feeling it was “round file” bound. Let’s hope not!

  • Terrywh

    Support would be passed on.

  • L. Baumann

    I left a message on Senator Boxer’s voice mail system, gave my appeal to end the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest 2% to a member of Dianne Feinstein’s staff, and left an e-mail message at the White House online contact site.

  • Kljacksy

    I left a message for Scott Brown. The fellow said”we hear that.” Let’s see if he is the guy he said he was during his debates.
    John Kerry’s staff just said she would pass along the mesage.
    Neither asked me for my name or town.

  • Marcos

    I left messages for Cardin, Mikulski to act to end the Bush tax cuts NOW without further delay

  • Lemke5

    Made my comments that the tax breaks for the 2%have not worked for over 10 years and it is about time that they pay their fair share even though I know Ron Johnson favors the “rich and greedy”. They thanked me for my comments.

  • Scott Simerson

    Left a VM for Senator Boxer, spoke with a friendly aide for Senator Feinstein. I like the phone system USAction provided for the calls, which were connected quickly. Perhaps I missed it, but it would be nice if there were a way to go back to the “Main” menu and select another senator to call instead of having to hang up and call in again.

  • Caroline Kurtz

    Called Jeff Merkley, got through to a staff person. She said she would certainly pass on my comments.

  • Wmbrownsr

    Senator Warner is supportive of ending the Bush Tax.

  • Bobbie Oakland

    I called Sen. Patty Murray even though I know she supports ending the Bush tax cuts for incomes over $225,000. I just wanted her to know that her constituents support her too.

  • dicksonjames

    I called Sen. Burr’s office and told the young man the Republicans have to take on Grover Norquist and everybody vote to do away with the Bush tax cuts. It’s not new taxes anyway. Even Bush knew they would have to go, eventually, and now is the time.

  • Susan

    Called Rep. Lloyd Doggett, Sen. Hutchison, and Sen. Cornyn. With each, a staffmember said s/he would pass on my comment.

  • Lydia R.

    I called Maria Cantwell’s office, the switch board operator asked for my zip code and said he will pass it on.

  • Karen Stegemann

    I was able o leave a message with staff @ Barbara Boxer and spoke with an aid @ Diane Feinsteins office to please end the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2 %

  • Shee

    My call was immediately answered by a polite female who assured me that my comments would be passed on to Senator Merkley.

  • G.

    Left message with a staffer for Sen. DeMint. Left message on machine for Sen Graham.

  • Ed Jasiewicz

    PA’s Casey offered an answering machine, on which I stated I wished him to vote against continuing the tax cuts.

  • Gcampbell

    Called Senators Blunt and McCaskill in Missouri, spoke to staffers.

  • Frankiedemarco

    Talked to both my NY senator staff persons and told them I want my senators to end the Bush tax cuts.

  • Big T

    Phone rang and rang and than dropped call. Ron Johnson, a champion of the tea party, does not want to hear this!

  • Alicia and Jay Culbertson

    Called Senator Johnson and Thune. Both offices did not comment on their position but got our names address and phone.

  • Charles Phillips

    I got the following recorded message: you have dialed a number that cannot be reached from your calling area.

  • Judi Poulson

    I called both my Senators and left the message!

  • Meyer

    I called PA Senator Pat Toomey because he’s the republican. I expect that Senator Casey will vote for ending the tax cuts, but Toomey’s one of those republicans and they seem to be the stupid and harmful jerks owned by the rich, so I told his secretary that I and a lot of other people were angry that these tax cuts were being kept and that they should be removed from the rich and that they should go back to paying their fair share of this country’s bills, without cutting safety net programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. She said she’d pass the information along to the senator.

  • Liddy

    I called and was connected with Barbara Boxer’s voicemail. I told her to keep up the good work and know that her constituents agree with her. Let’s end the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2%.

  • Richard

    Senator Feinstein’s office gladly received my comment to end the Bush tax cuts.

  • jl-norcal

    called direct rather than your toll free phone menu. both sens. boxer & feinstein onboard.

  • SIM

    Called Sen. John Thune’s office. Sen. Johnson is already on board. No point calling Rep. Noem’s office. She is a puppet on a teabag string. South Dakota is one of those red states that is the MOST dependent on federal $, and the LEAST contributing to revenues and deficit reduction.

  • anonymousplease

    the robovoice said my senator’s first name is “Marie,” but it’s Maria. good job! the man who answered in her office was rather self-important & seemed fairly busy, but said he would passalong my senitments. then he said goodbye & hung up before i could say anything else. but i got through!

  • C Porter

    Left a message on the auto-answering service of Senator Webb, VA, who is retiring at the end of this year.
    Talked to a staff member in Congressman Hurt’s office, asking for his cooperation in finding a good solution to the fiscal mess, that included ending the tax cuts to the richest 2%.

  • Richardschoen2

    Senator Durbin’s office said his position is to let the tax cuts expire for the top 2%. He also thinks we should not cut the deficit by cutting our safety nets. Got a message when I called Senator Kirk’s office. Left my message.

  • Therese LePge

    Left messages for Senators Boxer and Feinstein regarding letting Bush tax cuts expire.

  • Ocean33

    Called put Pat Toomey. Spoke with his assistant and she said she would pass on my message. She took my name and zip code.

  • s. moreau

    left message for Sen. Udall and spoke with clerk in Senator Bennett’s office telling them to
    end the Bush tax cuts and begin the process of rebuilding our middle class. The clerk in Bennett’s office was very receptive. Colorado is a very blue state.

  • sylvia

    I left a message in Barbara Boxer’s mail box. I talked to an aid of Diane Feinstein. The connections were fast without waiting. I want them to end the tax cut for the rich, no more entitlement to the rich and preserve the safety net for the people.

  • Missy

    Bill Nelson said they would pass my comment along!

  • Kirbyfs

    Sen Cornyn mail box full…try later.
    Sen Hutchinson left message.

  • anonymousplease

    patty murray’s office says she’s working on it, but “certainly supports it.”

  • Betsy33463

    Very easy to do. It took about 45 seconds. I called Bill Nelson and was treated very well. We have to keep letting them know how we really feel about this. My personal opinion is that these “job creators” have had this advantage since the Bush era and have reaped the benefits without doing anything but sit on trillions of dollars and jobs until the outcome of these hearings go in their favor. I’m sick of them holding the American people hostage. I hope they wake up now and create not only jobs, but careers for our young people. P.S. They better be in America too!!

  • Mel Page

    Called both Senator Burr and Senator Hagan and spoke with courteous representatives in each office. Both stated my comments would be passed on, but only Senator Hagan’s office indicated agreement with efforts to end the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

  • Mt1142

    Gillibrand is for letting the tax cuts expire on the top 2%. There was no answer at Schumar’s office. Left a message for Crowley.

  • Griggsquaker

    Senators Gillibrand and Schumer are both in favor of ending tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans and in supporting and building the American middle class.

  • nancy

    Senator Boxer’s staffer stated that the senator supports ending the Bush tax cuts and is in favor of protecting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

  • Jo

    Senator Kirsten Gillabrand’s aide reported that the Senator is behind ending the tax cuts for the rich. Senator Charles Schumer’s aide said she could not speak for the senator (?) and that she would inform him of my comments.

  • visualeyes

    talked to Feinstein’s office..they said they already supported this

  • Yvonnedecelis

    called and spoke to one of Kerry’s aids. I want NOTHING to do with Brown – he’s a LIAR and I am VERY glad he lost to Warren. He deserved it.

  • Dwhitney19

    I callaaed Sen. Cornyn’s office but was told his mail box was fulll and would not take my comment.

  • GSP Mom

    Senator Frankin’s office thanked me and asked for my Name & Zip Code. Senator Klobuchar’s office just said okay.

  • Apitts

    I called both my senators in PA. Senator Bob Casey will support ending the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% but my other senator, Senator Pat Toomey will most likely not unless a lot of pressure is placed on him. Both offices only offered the option of leaving a message. I suggest you call and email your senators and let them know if they support the 98% you have their backs.

  • Joanne Wilshusen

    I was directed to Kaye Bailey Hutchison’s office, and , upon dialing the number to leave a message about a legislative matter, I gave my comments. There was no indication that my message was received or recorded, so I dialed the operator and was told no operator was available at this time. I do not feel my message was received because there was no comment made.

  • cdcmtotr

    I got through and spoke with a representative of Congressmen Jared Polis and he stated he would give hime my message.

  • Marlys Weber

    I reached both Senator’s offices and talked to real persons who took my name and message. 55408

  • Guest

    Senator Lautenberg’s- D-NJ office just took the message as well as Senator Menendez’s office. I too, have no doubt that they will support ending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest and avoid balancing the budget on the backs of the middle class and those most vulnerable, the poor, seniors, students.

  • Mo

    I called Imhoff’s officce and spoke to a young woman who seemed to understand my reasoning for not extending the tax cuts to the rich, as thye will be hiding most of their money in the Caymans anyway. She laughed. I said, ” just because I live in OK does not mean that I am a Tea Party member!

  • WilliamGoldstein

    I spoke to Sen. Feinstein’s assistant. Told her I lived in San Francisco when then-acting Mayor Feinstein held the city together after George Moscone’s assassination. & I urged
    the Senator to vote to end the tax breaks for billionaires.

    I’ll tell her, said the assistant.

  • PennPenguin

    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s representative took my opinion and zip code. Same with Senator Charles Schumer and Congresswoman Carolyn Moloney.

  • Czaczki19

    Representative Noem and Setor Thune’s aides stated that they will pass the message on. I have no doubt that both of these right wingers will continue to obstruct and work for the 1%, but at least I called.

  • Roy

    Sen. Shaheen’s cordial asst. Erin assured me of her support, as i had hoped. Sen. Ayotte naturally would have been a harder sell, with her tea party rhetoric.. so no human being answered her line, and i left a polite but firm entreaty on her voice mail to end the cuts.

  • Bill Mann

    I contacted Senators Rockefellar and Tea Partyer in disguise Joe Mancin and passed on the message for an end to Bush tax cuts for the super wealthy and also for taking Social Security and Medicare off the table

  • Linda

    Left the message for both Ron Johnson and Herb Kohl. Let’s HOPE Ron LISTENS!!

  • CatKinNY

    Gillibrand is with us, Schumer has, in the past suggested a higher number than $250K, because our downstate area (in NY) is one of the costliest in the nation, but I let the aid know that I wan’t $250K to be the cutoff.

  • Jean

    I called Senators Durbin and Kirk. Left messages with two very polite young men who assured me
    they would pass my comments on to the Senators. They asked for my zip code. I think we know where Senator Durbin stands.

  • Ani

    Left a message for Sen. Cardin (MD)

  • Mlund8307

    Was unable to get thru from your line. Called directly to Senators Klobuchar and Franken and Rep. Paulsen of MN. Staff persons took my message to pass on to the officials. The senators are probably okay with it. Paulsen is probably not. I emphasized to all that the people would be behind them if Pres. Obama took this as a mandate – which it was!

  • summerone

    Dan, Senator Kirk’s office, assured me Sen. Kirk picks up messages nightly, and Emma, Senator Durbin’s office, will pass along my comment to end the Bush Tax Cuts for the 2%.
    Only Emma asked my zip code.

  • DLP

    Neither Senator Jeff Merkley’s office or Senator Ron Wyden’s would tell me where they stand on ending the Bush Tax Cuts to the wealthiest 2%. However, I trust that they are amongst those in Congress who wish to do so.

  • Healingeagle1

    urged Ron Johnson to make the tax cuts.

  • FrankDe Santo

    I called all 3 representatives, now it’s time forthm to properly represent their constituants!

  • Vlpeney

    Scott Brown’s representative said he will vote against raising taxes on anyone. Which means he will vote against allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire. Left message for Senator Kerry as well.

  • Guest

    Left message with staff at both Senators’ offices and my representative. I’m thinking that I may put up signs in my district exposing who voted to end the tax cuts and who voted to cut social programs for the poor and the sick.

  • Quercitin

    Ending the “Bush tax cuts” will negatively impact far more than just the top 2% of earners. And when did the target broaden from the top 1% to the top 2%? I thought the top “one-percenters” were the greedy bastards not paying their fair share (even though the top 1% already pays 36.7% of all federal income tax).

    Not that facts matter to you delusional class warriors, but raising taxes on top earners is forecast to raise another $80B to the treasury. That leaves a shortfall of a “mere” $920B. And the tax hike will end up raising less than $80B because those already being gouged will find ways to lessen their new tax bill.

    “In the logic of limitless liberalism the individual’s pursuit of happiness has been transformed into the government’s burden of delivering it”

  • Max Sped

    Sen. Cornyn’s mailbox was full – advised me to call back later. I left a message with Sen. Hutchison’s office to let the Bush Tax Cuts expire for those making over $250,000.

  • Sebastians

    Your phone number is not working due to an a[pplication error. I know my senators in michigna would suuport the ending of the bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

  • Jollyrogersmo


  • Tom Keyes

    Sen Ron Johnson, Office comment, he will not vote to raise taxes on the 2%. Will he take us over the cliff?

    Rep. Tom Petri, No comment from his office person. Will he take us over the cliff?

  • LB

    Called @11:55am ~ requested to speak to a staff member & left messages for both Mark Warner & Jim Webb.

  • Linda Giovanna Zambanini

    I called Senator Lugar’s office, and after thanking him for his years of dedicated service and stating how sad i was that he lost i the primary to that crazy teabagger, Mourdock (even though i’ve been a lifelong Democrat) i told his secy that the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% need to expire. She didn’t say how he was going to vote said they did anticipate that he would be voting on this i the lame duck period before he had to step down as my Senator. She thanked me for my comments and was very gracious. I imagine he will vote to do away with the tax cuts since he’s not a “crazy” Republican.


    An assistant answered the phone and just kept saying “yes Maam”. I don’t feel Rep Carter from Texas cares what I want. So I’m going to his website to put it in writing.

  • Don Bechtel

    I left a message of support for ending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of Americans with and assistant in Mark Udall’s office.

  • Uh34d

    Last week I sent letters to my entire Congressional delegation. I’ve been in the habit of sending letters with follow up phone calls for years.

    Regarding taxation, I’m of the opinion, we should return to the tax code that was in place in 1980. In excess of three decades, the welathy and corporations have seen their tax burden steadily reduced while the middle-class and borrowing have covered the shortfalls in revenue.

    In 1956, 26% of all federal revenue was derived from corporations, in 2011, it was 6%. How do people think and believe this shortfall has been made up? It has been made up on the backs of hard working, joe-lunch bucket Americans via reduced tax deductions and the stagnation of the minimum wage.

    I encourage everyone to write letters to their Congressional delegation, they pay attention to letters they receive. Be nice in the letter, demonstrate you know what you’re talking about. Let them know the letter will be followed up with a phone call from you to discuss the letters subject. Again, be nice to the person you speak with. If we can enough people to follow this simple system, people would be surprised at what can be accomplished…even with the Republican members of Congress.

    Good luck to everyone and have a great day.


  • Carolyn Friedman

    Senator Gillibrand is in favor of your position to end the tax cuts for the richest 2%.

    I couldn’t get through to Senator Schumer through your phone link. Actually, whenever I’ve tried to call his office I couldn’t get through! Disappointing to say the least! I wonder if others have complained about this. Can anything be done?

    Thanks for your support in this effort.

  • Lorely

    I called Senator Roy Blunt and Rep. JoAnn Emerson. Roy Blunt’s phone was answered by a young man who simply took the message; Mr. Blunt is known to be completely unhearing. . .

    Rep. Emerson’s phone was answered by a lovely-sounding young woman. I suggested to her that it must be difficult to work for such a radical woman. I realize I’m not to be so pushy, but Rep. Emerson is shameful. She was an intern who married her boss, Bob Emerson, then replaced him on his death. She has been led along foolishly by the NRA, then the MO Farm Bureau, now, finally she stands with the rich bitter Tea Party who even deny climate change/physical reality. She fails to even attempt to represent her district.

    My emotions were involved; I feel hopeless that either of these people intend to listen to common sense.

  • Sweed

    Spoke with John Garamendi’s office. They’ll pass the message to him.

  • CTC123

    Answer: Will pass it on.

  • wemustvote

    We need to pressure republicans on their insufferable ‘tax meme’, and create a counter message of how taxes build society and prosperity in this country. The GOP is grasping and gasping, to remain relevant. It’s time to pound a positive – forward message into the conciousness of citizens and let the cobwebs form around the Republican Party.

  • anabo

    I called both representatives in Congress. Bob Casey is easy to reach and I was able to leave a voice message. Pat Toomey is always wicked hard to contact, by email or phone. There are always extra hurdles to jump, personal info submit, encrypted puzzles to solve. At best, you get back a form email. His office did not answer – merely clicked several times and then disconnected.

  • Barb

    Sen. Kohl’s office – said woman she will pass comments on to Sen. Kohl.

    Sen. Johnson’s office – after being disconnected twice, talked a man who said would pass comments on to Sen. Johnson

    Also called Rep. Sessenbrenner office – talked to a man who said he would give comments to Sessenbrenner

  • B. Merchmd

    I spoke with Rachel in Sen. Tom Udall’s office. She thanked me for my call and said that my message would be given to Sen. Udall.

  • Suzy_que

    Senator Cornyn’s mailbox was full, I left Kay Bailey Hutchison a mess basically stating that I’m her constituent, not Rupert Murdock; that her obligation is to me and not to an unfair pledge but to her constituents to end the Bush tax cuts to the rich.

  • Nancy

    Spoke with Cecelia in Senator Feinstein’s office and told her to have Senator Feinstein vote to end the Bush tax cuts for the top 1%. We’re not in the top 1%, but we make more than the amount suggested for higher taxes and we’re okay with that – now let everyone else up there pay their fair share as well – we don’t have offshore accounts, so don’t get to bury any of our income. nor would we want to, as we realize what those taxes do for all of us. Don’t let President Obama give in to the Republicans this time -let the country see who’s trying to bring us down and it’s not Obama and the democrats. Thank you for doing this.
    Nancy Aita

  • Wrenosborn

    I wasn’t able to speak to anyone at Sen. Boxer’s but left a message. Sen. Feinstein’s line was busy. I held on and reached a real live person. I said I thought I could count on Feinstein to end the tax cuts for the top 2%. Was told she had voted that way previously and would be doing so again. Gave name and state. Was asked for zip code.

  • Andrea

    I got Barbara Boxer’s comment voice mail and left a message saying, “I’m sure you are on the right side of this, but wanting to make my voice heard to give you strength in your position”

  • Schadwellphillips

    I told Senator Roberts’ aide that I would vote for him again if he supported the ending of the Bush tax cuts for the 2%. She was very friendly and said she would certainly pass it along. I reminded her that my daughter babysat for his children when he first ran for office in Dodge City, KS.

  • Loretta Elaine Carstens

    Before I could reach my senator I had to listen to a message that was “preaching to the choir”
    if I called this number I already knew why I was calling. I did reach Senator Boxer’s message
    and left her a message and thanked her for all she does

  • Cowlady124

    After reaching Senator Marco Rubio’s office all I got was yes, and thank you

  • Arlene Chodock Adelman

    I left a message with Sen. Casey and I spoke to an assistant of Sen. Toomey She said that she would” pass it on”. I told her that I am 69, we need some cooperation and that the two percent should start paying including my brother “The Doctor” in N.Y.

    • Uh34d

      Arlene, my brother is a Radiologist. I get so tired of hearing him cry about taxes. Yet, like Uncle Mitt, he and his wife can afford to own eight dressage horses & four trotters & own this huge horse farm! I have never been able to get him to tell me what his effective tax rate is, but I’d bet it’s 15% or less. And get this, this is how they write off the dressage horses; they run a summer horse camp! They house about 25 students in four week rotations from April through October. Four of the dressage horses are used by the students, the other four are leased out to Olympic wannabe’s! And they fill the school every year and this year it was $4K for a four week rotation. The best part is, the students get to clean the barn stalls out & clean the horses. Talk about free child labor! I love him because he’s my brother, but I’d bet he’d steal the Pennies out of a dead mans eyes. A few years ago when our Mom needed a new car, I bought it and I’m just an average joe-lunch-bucket American. He thought her 1994 Toyota Camry with 193,000 miles on it was just fine for her despite the frequent break downs and repairs I paid for. And he’s a dyed in the wool, Bible thumping Republican…and his wife is worse than him. Two of his children just graduated from Liberty University…neither can find a job and they’re still going to send the remaining two children there…I feel bad for my nieces and nephews.

  • Marialichter

    Aide was polite and not interested.

  • Dkw51h

    Contacted Senator Roy Blunt’s staff and said for him to stand up and be a real man and end the Bush tax cuts. The staff member asked for my zip code and said they would give him the message

  • Gail Peters

    I spoke with Senator Kerry’s office via an answering machine. I explained my position on ending
    Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy 2%. I reiterated that President Obama doesn’t have to “play”
    to the Republicans as he has won the new election and it is time for Senator Kerry to aide
    the President into ending the tax cuts for the wealthy. And not for the 47% of throwaway people that Mitt Romney ran his platform against. Don’t know what will be the result of the phone call as I was only able to get his answering service but I did tell him that I voted for him
    and if he runs again I will vote for him but not until I know the results of his work to end these
    riduculous tax cuts that only hep the top 2% of the nation. Let’s end it together and start speaking out for the middle class and the 47% of the people that Republicans in general don’t
    stand up for.

  • voter in washington

    I did call me senators, but they are not the problem… they have already passed this issue to the Representatives, so I also called Rep Dave Reichert’s office to urge him to represent his constituents rather than his party line and vote the end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of the population of this country. the comment was received and will hopefully help to change his mind!

  • Wolfgang

    Lautenberg office not open. Left a very complimentary messages and a strong statement of support for ending tax cuts for rich.

    Spoke to staff member of Menendez. Hearty congratulations and strong statement of support for ending tas cuts for rich. Call appreciated.

    Let’s hope Obama has the guts for the fight ! ! !

  • Vasa2002

    I got an answerin machine from TX senator J. C. ; I tried to leave a message, but the message box was full. I got cut off in my call to TX senator K.B. H.

  • LB

    Easy to reach my senator from Mississippi, and, as always, the person on the end was extremely polite. Just wish they’d do what I ask them to do!

  • Gary Lorenz

    No one in the office or phones tied up. Left my message on no Bush tax cuts for the top 2%.

    Gary Lorenz

  • sunman

    Wow! I talked to both Senators…They told me that they would personally get back my home of 30 years, lost to the bank fraudsters, return all the money they stole from the foreclosed on homeowners, return the trillion dollars of lost equity, nationalize the banks, start printing our own money, stop the charging of interest on all transactions of commerce, so we, the public can stop paying the banks 35-40% interest on every transaction made to enrich the banks at the our expense, where the banks produce NO value….(See Ellen Brown for facts).
    Thank you senators for your help in these matters! It is why I voted for you both….Time to get to work!

  • Pam Natale

    Fortunately, my senator is not a stone-age neandrathal. I made my call and registered my insistance about ending tax cuts for the 2%. Senator Blumenthal already supports this.

  • VCat

    Got through to Sen Isakson’s office talked to a person and gave him the message. He asid he would give it to the Senator. Got no reaction from the person taking the message. It’s obcene that tax cuts for the wealthy 2% are holding the rest of us hostage.

  • Dave Johns

    I left a message on Senator Barbara Boxer’s answering machine urging her to end the Bush era tax cuts on the top 2% income earners (over $250,000/year). Her message said that the message machine was checked regularly.

  • Steve Marvin

    I contacted Senator Feinstein’s office staff and asked that the tax cuts for the TERMINALLY (FILTHY) RICH 2% be ended, SUMMARILY, IF NOT SOONER! The staff member said my message would be forwarded to Senator Feinstein.

  • Aubin4174

    I call Sen Wydens office and got a Rep. Told her to pass along my support to end the Bush tax cuts.
    Dave A

  • Candicecarleton

    Called Senator Barbara Boxer and left a message on her machine. Called Senator Diane Feinstein (pronounced Finestine not Finesteen) and spoke to a woman who asked for zipcode and said she would pass on my statement.

  • Ahmed

    Senator Murray’s office said they’ll pass along my advocating for eliminating tax cuts for anyone earning over $250k, no cuts to medicaid, medicare or social security, and no cuts to vital services for low-income people and veterans

  • RosamondB

    I called my two senators and representative; all went well. Rosamond Brenner

  • Alex

    I called Senator Feinstein’s office and asked the person I spoke to, to tell her to let the Senator
    know that I called and to pass on my message, she said she would.

  • Pgheta

    Called Senator Portman office and told them to stop the Bush tax cuts now…they said they pass on the message.

  • Dyana-p

    left msgs for both Senators.

  • Carolyn Sumners

    Called the office of Senator Levin and spoke to his aide. I was clear we wanted the tax cuts ended for the wealthy, reminding him we did not want to see Congress and the President cave once again to the House on this issue. Called Senator Stabenow and left a message with pretty much the same remarks. Asked them both to stand their ground on this.

  • Jim

    Calls from a NC resident to Sen Burr (Norquist signer), Senator Hagan (in favor of Bush Tax Cuts extension for only income below $250,000) and Rep Virginia Foxx(Tea Party cheerleader for Grover Norquist. Against all tax cuts but will do what she is told by Cantor)

  • Gabby

    Did it ~ talked to clerks for Senators Bingaman and Udall. I call often to let my Congressional representatives know what I want and expect from them.

  • juanita coleman-merritt

    I called – Sen. Feinstein’s representative took my call demanding that Congress end the tax cuts for the richest 2% in our country – said she would relay the demand to the Senator. Everyone who voted for the President needs to call their Representatives NOW!

  • Marge Prellwitz

    I called and was able to reach Senator Ron Johnson’s office. The pleasant woman who answered said she would relay the message to the senator before any votes were taken.

  • Glenda

    Left massage Sen Hutchinson and talked with “katherine” in Sen. Croynyn(sp) office. I asked that we end the tax cut to the richest 2% because of the deficit.

  • Ornelas

    I left a message for my Senator Barbara Boxer of CA today 11/13, she does support ending the Bush Tax cuts for the 2%.

  • Linda T.

    I called and spoke to the operator in Senator Pat Roberts office (Kansas) and asked they give him a message to end the tax cuts for the wealthy. She indicated that he had not issued a statement yet about that. I asked that she indicate that it was time to stop letting the working famiilies, children and seniors carry the burden. She indicated that she would give him the message.

  • Donnal Walter

    I reached the offices of both of my senators. After short but polite exchange Senator Boozman’s staff member ended the conversation by saying she would pass my message along. Senator Pryor’s staff member was much more engaging and encouraging.

  • CountrygirlKS

    I was able to deliver the message to both Kansas senators. I also asked them to support clean energy development, especially wind energy development, in this state.

  • Dick Carlson

    Called both Senator Franken and Senator Klobachar and left message with staff requesting they end the tax cuts for the 2%. The staff didn’t know where they stood on this issue. I suspect they are both in support of this.

  • Marianne Egan

    I spoke to someone in Sen. Kyl’s office – he thanked me for the call.

  • billdouglas

    They kept me on hold forever. Also, in addition to taxing the wealthy, its time to cut the obscene military budget of this country and use that money for good.

  • Marge Prellwitz

    I was also able to reach Senator Herb Kohl on my first try. Again a pleasant person on the phone saying they would pass the message on. I’m almost positive that Senator Kohl will vote to end the tax cuts. Senator Johnson will probably vote to keep them – our Senators don’t always vote the way their constituents would like them to do.

  • Rathombill8

    patty murray and maria cantwell agree that the top 2% should pay taxes at a higher rate.

  • Gerry Burnett

    Left Message for both of my senators

  • Ekc3

    Called Sens. Merkley and Wyden – comments politely taken.

  • Pacificbelle4

    I call rep. Braun office. He is a republican so I spoke slowly & clearly to his representative. I said the people have spoken, we want an end to the bush tax cuts and keep your hands off of obamacare. Then I asked her if she understood what I said. She said yes, but somehow I doubted it.

  • jojo

    My call to John Cornyn and Kay Hutchison was like yelling down a well. No one will hear it

  • Only1scrappy

    Went straight through and spoke with Feinstein’s office. Explained the purpose of the call and was thanked as well as assured Diane would get the message. I’m sure she is already taking that position but assumed that they keep count of calls which then the stats would bolster her position.

  • Mildred Davis

    I called the office of Tom Colburn and only got a recording so I left a message about ending the BUSH tax cuts on the top 2%.

  • bw seattle

    Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington State has already voted in favor of ending the Bush era tax cuts for the top 2%. I couldn’t reach Senator Patty Murray’s rep… lines were busy.

  • Juggledvm

    Senator Ayotte from NH- left message on a machine

  • Mary

    I called and left a message with Senator Gillibrand. I know she supports this anyway. I kept getting cut off after waiting on hold for Senator Schumer.

  • Marjorie Wells

    My regions senators are democrats, so they will vote to end the tax cuts for the rich. I got connected with Eric Cantor’s office and told them that I want the tax cuts for the rich ended. The young man asked, “You want to keep the tax cuts?” I told him that I want them ended for the top 2%. He was courteous and said he’d pass it on. I know the senate will vote to end them, it’s the house that’s the problem.

  • Hvacmetalman

    I called Senator Charles Schumer and asked for an end to these cuts and also told them I find it unpatriotic for them to want a tax break, and outrageous that they indeed receive such a break. They do indeed use the very infrastructure of this Country to make there money, and the American people paid for that infrastructure, so asking them to pay like the rest of us is too much to ask??? and these same people have the Gaul to ask and expect such a tax break, I find that disgusting, irresponsible and completely unpatriotic. Am I alone in these thoughts? I think not……

  • Jneville

    Left my comments with Tea Party Congressman, Paul Gosar. He hasn’t listened to us before. It’s likely he’ll ignore us now – especially since he no longer represents our district.

  • Remacox

    called number given and was transferred to the Colorado senator’s voicemail. I left my comments to end the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2% those earning 250,000 plus annually. I also left my e-mail address for a response.

  • Juggledvm

    Senator Shaheen- a real person answered the phone and took my name and said the senator supported this position.

  • Therese

    I caleld Feinstein’s office today to let her know that we want her to end the tax cuts for the richest Americans. A spoke with an aide and he said he would let her know.
    Therese L.
    San Rafael, CA

  • Garganic1

    I spoke with Sen Johnson’s office, they said okay , and they would pass it on to the senator.

  • Barretttechnology

    Senator Gillabrand staff will give the message to her.

  • Alchemy

    I called the offices of both Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte of NH, and spoke with assistants who promised to pass the message along. They were both polite and non-committal.

  • Nonrev909

    I called both Iowa senators and both our present Congressman, Tom Latham, and Congressman Bruce Braley, who will represent us after the first of the year. We are quite certain that Senator Harkin and Representative Braley intend to support ending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest citizens, but we doubt the two Republicans will.

  • Garganic1

    I spoke with Senator Herb Kohl’s office. I was told the message would be relayed to the senator.

  • John J. Delibos

    I called both Senators Dean Heller and Harry Reid and expressed my support to end the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest 2%.

  • Moe

    Talked to staff of Senator Kyl and McCain regarding ending the Bush tax cuts. told them as a senior citizen I did not feel I or the other 98% of the people should be paying more than the 2% wealthest of our citizens in taxes and asked them to pass along my demand that they quick playing games and end the Bush tax cuts.

  • Leesds1984

    Person who answered the phone in Sen. Bingaman’s office said he would pass along the message to the Senator.

  • Sailwahoo

    Talked to a person in Mark Kirks office and ask the he support the end of the Bush tax cuts to the wealthiest and continue the tax cuts for the lower income citizens.

  • SLee

    I left a message for Sen. Boxer and spoke with aides at Sen. Fienstein and Rep. San Farr’s office. I’m sure all three will support ending the Bush Tax – with glee!

  • Satyan57

    Called. was put through to Senator Wyden’s office. The phone rang many times and then was hung up. Did not get to speak with anyone.

  • Gilleland John

    I call Senator Pryor and the person said she would pass on my message

  • Ced

    No comments from Kyl Or McCain, what a surprise.

  • Icharest

    Congresswoman Maria Cantwell’s office said they’d pass the message on

  • Evalu8tor

    I left a message for Senator Sherrod Brown, they said they would pass the message to the Senator.

  • sugarcon

    Got a very attentive gentleman at the phone of Sen. Schumer – who seemed also in favor of ending the Bush tax cuts! Asked where I was from and would pass the msg. on to the senator.

  • Fdegnan1

    I left a message for Senator Rubio to end the B ush tax code for the top 2% . Also don’t touch social security .

  • Larry Carney

    I talked with someone in Levin’s office; I’m sure he’s supportive anyway, as well as Stabenow but I couldn’t get to her office. I got a new dial tone, and your sysdem gave me Levin again.
    I’m sure my rep is with us too, but he won’t be around next year because they gerry-mandered his district and he lost it.

  • Elmer Stenger

    I called Senator Bob Casey, asked him to vote for the bush tax cut for those over $250,000 be eliminated. That tax cut plus the war In Iraq, the military buildup, Corporations moving out of the continental U.S., and moving operation to countries where wages are at the starvation level, have all contributed to the 16 trillion dollar debt.

    All of those subjects, need immediate attention by members of Congress, to head off the Financial crisis that will severly hurt the economy that has just started to recover.

  • Snowmtn4

    I called Senator Toomey’s office, they took my message and said they would pass it on. They did not tell me Senator”s position.

  • GratefulSea

    I had an easy time getting through to a staffer in Senator Feinstein’s office. He listened to me, asked for my zip code, and said he would pass on my comments. I also had no trouble reaching Senator Boxer’s office. She has a voicemail system asking you to choose to leave a message or talk with a staffer. Given her progressive record, I chose to just leave the message, asking her to take a leadership role in this effort.

  • Ronald Russo, Esq.

    I called and left a message at Senator Portman’s office. I left a message to please end the tax cuts for the top 2%. I did not call Sen.. Brown of Ohio because he is already for that measure.

  • Cgraham

    I made calls to Wyden, Murkley, and Bonamicci and got through to all three. The messages were politely received.

  • Gloria Morotti

    I left a message for Marco Rubio. I spoke earlier with Bill Nelson’s office but this site would not accept my comment.

  • Markyalita

    I left a statement for Carl Levin on his answering Machine

  • mooo

    If tax rates can’t be increased, just remove the SS income cap, and require those with income over $250k to file twice: normally up to $250k, then again for everything over $250k with no deductions, exemptions, or special treatment for investment income.

    It’s no increase in rates, but still the rich will howl. Let them. Even more than after WWII, it’s time they paid for their wars themselves.

  • Pdpdl2000

    I talked with Sen. Jon Kyle’s desk. The gentleman there said ‘I got your request and will pass it on to the senator by the end of the day.’ He did not get my name or anything.

  • Raggedycat

    I told them that the people have spoken, and the people want the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2% to end, and Sen. Portman, as a representative of the people, should vote for this, and not make excuses, because we don’t believe this will hurt the “job creators” or the economy. She said she would pass on my message.

  • Scott Saari

    I called Senator Kyl’s office and spoke to a staffer who will pass along my message that the tax cuts for the wealthiest two percent should be allowed to expire.

    I tried to call Senator McCain, but his voicemail was full. They gave an email address so I emailed him the same message.

  • Kristine

    I got through to Senator Blumenthal’s office, and his staff took my full name and zip code, and wrote down my message. They said they would pass it on to him, and have a nice day!

  • concerned

    Sen. Gillebrand’s office phone rang multiple times and then disconnected — no answer. At any rate, I do believe as stated below that she and Sen. Schumer would support the ending of the Bush tax cuts. Why can we not be connected to the House where the real opposition lies?

  • Saswbfl

    unable to get to sen.rubio…however my v/msg was clear…end the bush tax cuts for incomes in excess of $ 250,000 and also to tax capital gains as ordinary income.

  • Ddtap

    Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer and Lynne Woolsey are my reps.

  • Diana Teta

    spoke with an aide who said thank yo for calling
    schumer’s office hung up

  • Elgato

    At Sen. Barbara Boxer’s phone I had to leave a message to end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%. At Sen. Feinstein’s number, someone picked up and I gave the staffer the same information. She asked if that’s the position I support and I said yes. In a sensible world, the concept of “fair share” would not be such a tough issue.

  • TR

    I called Sen. Rob Portman and Rep. Jim Jordan. Spoke with their staffers and was advised that they would relay my message on ending Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and protecting social security, medicare, and medicaid. Did not call Sen. Sherrod Brown as I know he already supports these positions

  • Lavigner

    call all 3 Nelson ,Rubio .Runny

  • Nick

    talked with person at s. nelson and c. young of florida and gave my thoughts.
    s rubeo fl u can never get trough but left msg on voice mail

  • Angela

    The Senate is not the problem. It’s the House. This number gave me an option to leave a message for either of my two Democratic senators, both of whom are presumably already on board.

  • Jim Karagas, 97203

    All my congressmen (Wyden, Merkley, and Blumenauer) support ending the Bush Tax Cuts.

  • Donahue258

    Pat Toomey’s office said they would pass my comments along. I did not call Congressman Murphy”s office because I already walked in and delivered the same message. I was also told they would pass it along. However, I am covinced that these messages continue to fall on deaf ears.

  • Kathleen Cooper

    I talked to a staff member in the offices of my Senators (Durbin and Kirk) as well as, my representative Mike Quigley.


    Called and left a message with Marco Rubio’s office as I live in Florida stating that the tax cuts for the 2% should be ended and Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security should not be cut. I thought it most important to speak with the Republica Senator as I already know Bill Nelson’s opinion.

  • Catherine Stewart

    Left message for Senator Boxer but was disconnected and then got busy signal when attempting to leave message for Senator Feinstein. Will try again later if possible

  • Rebecajeff

    I got through to Senators Bighaman (sp.?) and Udall, their assistents asnwered promptly, listened to my message and politely thanked me and said that they would be happy to deliver the message to the senators. All they asked me was my zip code.

  • Robin Moore

    Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell’s staffers took the call and noted my comments

  • Joyce clough

    called senator Ayotts office and asked now that she isn’t stumping for Romney maybe she can listen to her constituants and stop the tax breaks for the top 2% above $250,000.00.

  • faith hershiser

    called and also mentioned the disgust felt by my congressman putting party before country. that i wanted an end to obstructionism. that compromise should no longer be considered a dirty word and to leave health care reform alone. they said they would pass my thoughts on to my congressman. i also added that i was ready to join in any public protests that would be held in my state or in D.C. regarding these issues.

  • Rev. Donald H. Moeser

    Called both Ohio Senators. I know Sen. Brown supports an end to the Bush tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans, but calleld his office to let him know we support him. Called and left a message for Republican Sen. Portman with his aide. Aide was courteous and said my comments would be passed on to him.

    Called back and was connected with my Republican Congressman’s office. Left a voice mail message for him and asked him to be statesman and support his constitutents by ending the Bush tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans. He never has, but hopefully he will get the message that his constitutents will him to do the right thing!

  • Rhodge4477

    I called my two senators (Merkley and Wyden) and representative Blumenauer and asked them to ‘end the bush tax cuts for the upper 2%’. I GOT THROUGH each time on the VERY first ring!! (A first!) and each one (of the office personnel) said that the senator/rep was in favor of ending them. Yeah for Oregon!!

  • Ptsathe

    Left a voice message for Senator Levine

  • Joni

    I tried calling Senator Dick Durbin’s office 3x…the response was that he was on the phone, but there was also a directive to leave a message. Couldn’t do that also. Then I asked the operator to connect me to Senator Mark Kirk’s office. There was no answer, but, again, I could leave a message. Needless to say, the answering machine wasn’t working either. I was not as lucky as the responders below.

  • Dulcinea627

    Senator Casey, PA: Was only able to leave a telephone message: welcomed him back to DC said that I had voted for him and was happy that he had won. I then asked that he now take a vote for me and end the tax cuts for the wealthy. Also said that I am disabled and dependent on Social Security and Medicare and can no longer afford to pay for the rich; it is time they be asked to pay.

    Senator Toomey, PA: Spoke to person in office with essentially same message as to Casey. She said she would relay my message and took my name and zip code.

  • SiskinB

    Called both Sen. Boxer and Feinstein who I know both support helping middle class Americans, the poor, the disabled, etc. Their interns said they would pass along the message to them.

  • Keithjrhollingsworth

    If Congress wants to cut the fat, they should start with the over bloated blubber of the military budget!

  • Robert Fritsch

    Talked to a phone tape that indicated I would be contacted. I did leave the message regarding my position that the Bush Tax cuts for the top 2% in income should be ended – that we all have to pay our fair share.

  • Ginger Armstrong

    Nice easy script. Selected Senator Boxer then selected “speak to person” and then it went dead as if they just cut it off so called back & selected message & left a message. Then called Senator Feinstein & spoke with a person & left the message with him. He was very cordial. I believe both will support the tax cut. They have always worked FOR the working class people.

  • Loneranger0145

    They (she) thanked me for calling them.

  • dreamgirl

    Called Senator Roberts and Moran, as well as Representative Yoder. Got through with little difficulty. Was told that my comment would be given to each of them.

  • Mis

    he did it and i said my word

  • Glennm90670

    This action of making the wealthy 2% is long overdue. They can afford it and the middle class needs to NOT have this financial burden put on any of us! Thanks for the opportunity for me to share in asking and demanding this frrom the rich 2% of Americans.

  • Ellen Hanly

    I called Sen Cantwell’s office and they took my message and thanked me. The end. I know Sen.
    Cantwell personally and know her to be a sensitive, hard working senator.

  • Carol

    The clerk advised she would pass the message on to Senator Cardin.

  • Dorothy

    I mentioned several points, but I doubt if they took notes. I mentioned that since the top 1% control 42% of the wealth, they should be paying 42% of the income taxes instead of 36%. I also mentioned that Social Security and Medicare should be called “earned benefits” instead of entitlements; and since these are earned benefits, they should not be cut, nor should the age requirement be raised. I also mentioned that corporations like GE and Boeing are lobbying hard for more tax cuts for corporations that already pay $0 in taxes but get money back from the government should not get more tax cuts and more back. Any corporation that gets government contracts to provide services should have to pay a minimum amount in taxes instead of nothing. Also, I mentioned that the fossil fuel industry should no longer be subsidized. In each case the person said he or she would pass on the information to my senators.

  • Judi

    I spoke with office staff for Senators Bingaman and Udall. They said they would pass along the message. I had already communicated with my representative Congressman Lujan. I know that these three men support letting the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% expire. Wish I could say the same for all our elected reps.

  • Pat

    I called Senator Bingaman’s office and spoke with a staff person. She took my request. I asked if he supported eliminating the tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%. She said he had supported that in the past and expects that he will again.

    My husband also spoke with her making the same request.

  • LB


    I called and stated my position and asked what the Senators’ position was. The staff member got a little ruffled and stated that session had just started and that he didn’t know. My comment was that she should know her position on the tax cuts before she went into session. (I mean she does know what she stands for and supports-right?) I hope you get a ton of responses. Thanks for all you guys do, we need to fight to get our rights back and keep some sense of normalcy in our system of government.

    Lauren Brydle

  • Dave

    I called Sen Lugars office. The person who took the call said she would pass the information along to Senator Lugar. I then called Senator Coates office. They asked for my name and address so they could send me some feedback from Senator Coates. I will probably get the standard letter back saying they understand blah blah blah but will not vote that way. I then will send them a letter back saying,,,,,,NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!

  • Cat_lambeau

    Call both Manchin and Rockafeller . Comments will be passed to Manchin and Rockafeller agrees the top 2% need to pay more

  • Maureen Prendergast

    Called Dick Durbin and a “live” person answered and said she would pass the message on to him. I know he supports ending the Bush tax cuts to the 2%.

    I left Mark Kirk a message demanding that all vote to end the tax cuts for the 2%. I stated that the majority of American’s voted on this by re-electing Barack Obama. Asked him to please have all the Republicans and Democrats vote to end the tax cuts for the 2%.

  • Gerhart

    Sen. Kohl’s office did not answer.
    Sen. Johnson’s aid answered the phone. I told her that I am a Republican who can no longer support what the Republican party is doing. I asked that she relay the message the the tax cuts for the 2% should be let go. They need to pay their fair share. The regulations, taxes, and government favor them.

  • Laf_art

    Called both Senators Herb Kohl, and Ron Johnson, and demanded they help end the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2%, and that it’s high time they noticed the poor, the walking dead of the middle class, and to stop putting the burdens of the country squarely on our shoulders. Both staffers said the would “pass my concerns on”. Why do I think that’s not going to have ANY effect on Senator Ron Johnson in particular?? Oh. That would be because he’s a complete Tea Tard, taking the hardest right line, and expecting those of us making lower wages to pay for the rich’s sins against us….I further reminded Johnson’s office that he’ll be coming up for re-election in two years, and that progressives are watching he, and others like him, like a hawk. His days as a Senator are numbered if he screws us over even one more time.

  • frank depint

    ..told Senator Corkers office the 2% need to pay their fair share of taxes. they have had 5 years w/reduced taxes and no jobs as they say the reason needed for their cut. they don’t care about jobs, their motivation as politicians is not pay taxes and hoard their $ that should be going to the federal government.
    ….the only reason senate and congress republicans run for office is to protect their bush tax cuts and try to cut more tax cuts for themselves and arich donors.

  • Matsudat

    Senator Scott Brown opposes any tax cuts, will protect medicare, medicaid, no comment on cutting Pentagon spending.
    Senator John Kerry supports ending the Bush tax cuts, no comment on protecting medicare, medicaid, cutting Pentagon spending.
    Rep. John Olver supports ending the Bush tax cuts, protecting medicare, medicaid, AND cutting Pentagon spending! Yea!
    Sen. Harry Reid, majority leader, no new statement on ending the Bush tax cuts, protecting medicare, medicaid, and cutting Pentagon spending.
    Sen. Mitch McConnell, minority leader, left message, no comment, too busy answering phone calls
    Rep. Eric Cantor, majority leader, no comment
    Rep. Nancy Pelosi, minority leader, no comment
    Rep. John Boehner, speaker, left message, cut off!

  • Babboh

    I called Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. I was told that he supports tax cuts for those making under $250,000. So, conversely, I am assuming he supports an end to tax cuts to those making over $250,000.

  • Erik Man

    I just called and spoke to a gentleman named Andrew who was taking calls on behalf of Senator Diane Feinstein. It went well, I simply asked him to tell her that it is about time for the top 2% of this country’s wealthiest to pay their fair share of taxes by ending the very backwards Bush tax cuts!

  • LJV

    I spoke to a staffer in Sen. Landrieu’s office and made my demand and she indicated that she would forward the message to the Sen. Was quite congenial in her conversation with me.

    After calling the toll free number again, I got the Capitol switchboard and had to hold for several minutes, apparently the phones are ringing off the hook! Once connected to Vitter’s office, I was greeted by this robotic staffer, whom I felt was not truly listening to my statements. When I finished my message, he required of me my name, which I gladly gave. I have been emailing Vitter quite regularly asking him to consider the consequences (outcomes) of the votes that he’s taken that were not only detrimental to Louisiana, but the nation as a whole.

    The friendliest of all the representatives NO has sent to Washington was the office of Congressman Cedric Richmond. I hesitated to call him due to the fact that I email him quite a bit on issues and he responds, often favorably. I had not long ago emailed him about this same issue prior to his election. However, I called anyway and the young woman who answered was refreshing and quite communicative. I listed the reasons for my call. Through our talk, I informed her that I actually knew Congressman Richmond by way of his mom, who was a classroom teacher as I, and belonged to the same teacher’s union. She seemed genuinely impressed as she took my name, home address, and phone number in order that the Congressman be able to send me a reply of which I know he will do because he always emails me back with answers to my requests.

  • Helena B. Eudave

    I feel quite certain that the Senators and all representatives would not like for their retirement pay be taken from them, so how can they in all consciousness that GOd gave them deny us who also paid in during our working years deny us what is fair and right?

  • Vmaestro1

    Senators Schumer, Gillibrand and Representative Carolyn Maloney are on the right side of this issue and have been all along. I suggest petitions that will reach all senators and representatives and demonstrate that most of the country wants the end of the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2% but is AGAINST PENALIZING SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE AND MEDICAID in return. Senior citizens and poor people must not be the republicans’victims.

  • Nancy Lee Mann

    Called Patty Murray’s number, and a very nice young man politely took my request. I noted how much I respected Patty’s service, and he said that yes, she DID support ending the tax cuts.

  • Gordon Sabaduquia

    Senator Feinstein voice message stated to leave a message but that the lines were busy and I could hold but the call would be disconnect after an unspecified amount of time at which point her voice response abruptly ended followed by about seven rings that then a busy signal. This happened twice so I assume we achieved our purpose of “tying up the telephone line” however, this sequence of responses has happened to me several times in the past when I called the Senator about other issues. Senator Barbara Boxer’s voice message was very clear and was followed by the standard tone after which I left a voice message greeting her back to work, identifying myself by name and city, stating I am and have been a registered Democrat since 1965 who voted for all Democrats this past election and then urging her to take action to make the wealthiest USAmericans pay their share and to oppose and cuts to Social Security and Medicare. I then thanked her for her service to me and all Californians.

  • The Elman

    I only called my Congressman, a Republican, because I live in NJ and both my Senators are on board. I spoke to a very polite staffer who promised Rep. LoBiondo will get back to me (no doubt to tell me he appreciates my input and will consider it before he continues to block any attempt to tax any of his rich cronies.)

  • Uh34d

    I see a number of posts here where people are getting an answering machine. My suggestion is to go to the Congressional telephone directory which you can find online, get the Washington, DC office telephone number and call that number. In all the years I’ve directly telephoned a member of Congresse Washington office, a person has always answered the phone.

  • JH

    I got a live person at Pete Starks’ office, and I put in a word for Medicare as well as ending the tax cuts for the top 2%. The man said he would pass on the word. He was sure that Congressman Stark wouldvote to protect Medicare and Social Security but wasn’t so sure about his stance on the tax cuts.

  • Nairam

    I called the direct Washington number for all three Oregon legislators. I talked to a receptionist at each office. I asked each one about letting the Bush tax cuts lapse, AND about not putting Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare on the chopping block. Wyden: no position yet; Merkley wants to end Bush tax cuts for those who make $250,000 or more; seems warm, not cold to protecting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Blumenauer wants to end tax cuts for those over $250,000 and keep the tax cuts for those who make UNDER $250,000. Blumenauer is “a constant advocate to protecting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

  • Harry J Bury

    I called both Ohio senators Brown and Portman asked the staff person that answered each call to end the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2%. Bith said they would pass my request on to the respective senator.
    Now kindly con at hbury@bw.edutact me personally
    Your Friend,
    Harry J Bury

  • Dorothy

    I called boh of my Senators – Feinstein and Boxer. I left a message with a real person for Feinstein and on Boxer’s machine. Asked them to end the Bush tax cuts on income over $250K. No comments from either Senator yet.

  • Dmorvil

    made calls to sen richaard burr and kaye hagen offices and spoke live. left my comments

  • Kmwaller

    Udall, Colorado, wants to let Bush tax cuts expire.

  • Mwlbr

    Called both of my senators. Scott Brown’s office reported they had been getting calls all day most of which were asking the Senator to let the Bush tax cuts expire, however, Senator Brown had not made a stand. I said that I had never called Senator Brown on an issue where he had made a stand and that was just one of the reasons i voted against him.

    Called Senator Kerry and he is in favor of letting the tax cuts expire.

  • George and Cindy Waltershausen

    I called Congressman Ron Kind’s office and talked to Sam. I told him that my husband and I are Democrats who have voted for Congressman Kind, Tammy Baldwin, Barack Obama, and Jennifer Shilling. We believe, as the President said during the campaign, that those making over $250,000 a year should have their income tax rates raised. They have not created many jobs during the 10 years they have had the advantage of this tax cuts. They can afford to pay their fair share. Sam took our name and address and said that Congressman Kind will mail a response to us. Sam said he doesn’t know how Congressman Kind plans to vote on this issue.

  • Blulu23

    My call to Jerry Mcinerney’s office was well received and acknowledged by the Office intern.

  • MaureenAronson

    I was connected to Senator Bill Nelson whom I contributed to. My call went through to his office and I spoke to an individual who was very pleasant. I told her what you suggested I say. She thanked me and said she would pass the message onto Senator Nelson and thanked me for the call.
    Maureen Aronson of Tampa Fla., 33635.

  • nanm

    The person who answered the phone at Senator Burr (R) of NC office just said she would pass on the information to the senator and thanked me for calling in.

  • Philip

    Got a live one on the first senator’s office. He took down the comments and the fact I’m a GOP (very pissed and not following the party line, however… ) NamVet retired boomer and your script politely noted. The desk gentleman was equally polite and said it was noted. The second senator was “busy” so I left a polite message on his voice mail… including a Semper Fi. OK, that’s for the senators. Now, on to a very tough cookie congressman.

  • goldfox

    I left a voice mail on Sen. Levin’s site. As I am sure he will favor stopping the cut, I just said that I have his back.

  • Dnbaker3

    I called Sen Burr of NC. His staffer was polite but non-committal. I wish we could connect to the House offices because they are the bigger problem. The bill to extend tax cuts to those making less than $250,000 has passed the Senate. It’s the House that’s in the way.

  • GINA

    It is Tuesday and I made a call to Senator Maria Cantwell’s office to let her know to LET THE BUSH TAX CUTS EXPIRE to pay down our budget crisis. I let Legislative Aide know that I want Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to all be FULLY FUNDED, and to SAVE the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT.

    I wastold by Aaron (Cantwell’s Aide) that Senator Cantwell is fully in agreement with me and she has and will continue to vote to END THE BUSH TAX CUTS and to FULLY FUND our Medical Programs and Social Security.

  • Claurich06

    SEnator Merley’s staff said they would pass the message along.

  • nanm

    Senator Kay Hagan (Dem NC) has voted to end the tax cuts for the top 2% according to her tax policy staffer to whom I was connected. He insinuated that she would be continuing to support the president’s plans during this session.

  • Nancyh

    I called Senators Ben Cardin and Barbara Mikulski. Their office staff said they would pass on my message. I know they will do whatever they can for the middle class.

  • Philip

    OK, back again… Got through to Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona’s office via the switchboard. Polite staffer answered, took the message, asked for personal contact info…which they have as we’ve emailed back and forth on other issues. Chalk it as a 2 for live contacts and 1 for McCain’s voice mail.

  • Jean Ehrman

    The staffer said he would pass along my comments to Congressman Marlin Stutzman. I asked if he’d tell the Congressman to listen to me for once, and he laughed (kindly) and said, “Yeah Right.”

  • Beverlyapclark

    my call was registered..and the lady answering the phone said she would convey my request to the senator.

  • Ashtonell Smith

    Senator Boxer: phone answered; left comment to end Bush Tax Cuts for the richest 2% now!

    Senator Fienstine: phone answered,left message, to end Bush Tax cuts for the richest 2% now!

  • Ashtonell Smith

    Senator Boxer: phone answered, gave message to end Bush Tax cuts for the richest 2% now!
    Response-Thanks for calling!

    Senator Fienstein: gave message to end Bush Tax cuts for richest 2% now!
    Response-’”will give senator the message.”‘

  • Elayne Gallagher

    I did but this should have been automated. The person answering seemed to be surprised by my call.

  • Michael

    Not able to get through to Sen. Kyl or McCain, emailed both.

  • Jbachman

    Raising taxes (well, restoring them to Clinton levels) is a fine idea, but limiting that to the top 2% is not adequate — and not likely to be seen as fair. Let’s raise them across the board, then help the least well off by raising the amount of the personal deductions (set at $3700 last year). It that were raised several thousand dollars, it would make the whole business much more progressive, while still asking the top 10% or 20% to help a bit more.
    Another progressive move would be to completely remove the upper limits on Social Security and Medicare contributions.
    Yes, this will cost me money; and yes, I’m happy to pay more as long as others do their share!

  • large in La

    Called California senator Feinstien, got a “all curcuits busy message” and it disconnected after 2 minutes

  • Richard J Walsh

    I called Senator Dean Heller(NV), a secretary answered and I ask her to tell the Senator to vote to end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. She said she would relay the message.

  • Carolyn Gibb

    A very friendly staffer discussed the Bush tax cuts with me and said he’d pass along my hope that he’ll support ending the Bush tax cuts. We discussed the fact that if the Bush tax cuts are ended but the President’s tax cuts for the middle class are passed, the top 2% would still benefit because the amount of their income that falls into the lower tax brackets would be taxed at the lower rates, thus substantially reducing their tax burden.

  • Jjs Bach

    Automated answering service for both Toomey and Casey, left a message suggesting both senators roll back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. Both Toomey and Casey make way more than $250,000.00 per year, do we really expect them to raise their own taxes? I doubt it very much.

  • Mawest06

    I called Mark Kirk because I am certain that Dick Durbin will vote to end the tax cuts.

  • Rnovkov

    I had just left a message on my senator’s voice mail,because I ended up calling after hours.

  • Laura

    I left a voice mail for Senator Cantwell. Senator Murray’s staff said they appreciated my call. I also asked that reasonable mortgage interest deductions be left in place. Some changes could be made, but I oppose removing the deduction for the interest payment on the family home.

  • Bubbly2c

    Got the answering machine but still left a message. Wish there was a way to strengthen the stand of our Democrat HOR folks. The Boneheads weakness and inability to rassle his caucus into line is an embarrassment of leadership (lack of). It’s not a mandate if the other aisle as earplugs……

  • Fasslerglass

    I called and had to leave a message, they said they were receiving a large # of calls!

  • Readingmomma

    Senator Rockefeller’s office said that he never supported Bush’s tax cuts for the rich in the beginning.

  • Bevjano

    Left a message after hours.

  • Kan Chen

    Left a message to my Senator Marie Cantwell to end the Bush Tax cut. It is tim for the rich to pay extra earning over 250.000.

  • David Biddle

    I left a messasge on John McCain’s voice mail in congress. Stop tax cuts for the wealthiest above $250K. The Republicans have gone too far keeping people from working for over ayear, in the interest of dishonest politics. I am a former Republican of 49years, a veteran and a senior.

  • Fomalhaut2003

    Left messages for Sen. Patty Murray and Sen Maria Cantweill

  • Swood107

    I talked to a young man at the phones for House Rep B., who listened politely to my plea.

  • Betwil62

    senator cornyn’s answering machine has long spaces of silence, probably to discourage people from leaving messages. In his time as my senator, he is voted, probably twice,
    the way I would have preferred him to vote in the interests of Texas.

  • Allan Orashan

    Cutting taxes for the rich will not solve the deficit

  • Art Hanson

    Web posted Sen. Levin, Sen. Stabenow, and Rep. Rogers of MI:

    I strongly urge you to end the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2% now. The wealthy have benefited greatly from the Bush tax cuts for the last eleven years. There can be no compromise on this issue.

    We cannot cut the deficit by cutting our already minimal social safety net of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

    First, we need to raise taxes on the wealthy by ending the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% and then by increasing the top tax rates to the 1980 level. Then, we need to cut the military budget by at least $1 trillion over the next ten years. We need to maintain the present non-military budget and increase spending on infrastructure and clean, renewable energy. When the economy recovers and unemployment is down to about 4-5%, we need to end the Bush tax cuts for all except the poor including the working poor. In the long run, we need to get control of health care costs by expanding to Medicare for All.

    This is a balance approach that acts for the Common Good, provides short-run stimulus and long-run deficit reduction without causing pain to the most vulnerable.

  • Kguinness

    I called Leahy, Sanders, and Welch. Both Senators had very polite secretaries who kindly took the message and asked for my name and address. In Welch’s office, I received a voice mail and was asked to leave a message, which I did.

  • ERBM

    I called Senator Levin and tried to call Senator Stabenow but the line would not send me to her phone number. That is fine. I know they both work for the workers in Michigan and for all workers across America.

  • Bryanryman

    I spoke to Sen. Boxer’s Asst. and let her know that I was angry with the idea that the Bush Tax Cuts should stay in place. I’m 80 yrs. old and I’ve worked many years and paid in many $’s to receive Medicare and Medicaid. How dare the super rich be that greedy when I’m fighting at the moment to get an MRI.
    PS. I saw a “Millionaire Home Decorating” show on TV last night where a little girl from the Melon family had her room re-decorated for many thousands of dollars!!! How does this equate with me fighting to get adequate Health care?

  • Carl H

    I called and let my Senator know that our family is opposed to the Bush tax cuts of the wealthiest Americans. The call went well and they were very receptive.

  • Bobbie Warner

    Called Senators Coryn and Hutchison and spoke with staff members. They seemed somewhat shocked that I called but were polite and said they would extend my message.

  • Nhanson48

    Web posted Sen. Levin, Sen. Stabenow, and Rep. Rogers of MI:

    I strongly urge you to end the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2% now. The wealthy have benefited greatly from the Bush tax cuts for the last eleven years. There can be no compromise on this issue.

    We cannot cut the deficit by cutting our already minimal social safety net of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

    First, we need to raise taxes on the wealthy by ending the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% and then by increasing the top tax rates to the 1980 level. Then, we need to cut the military budget by at least $1 trillion over the next ten years. We need to maintain the present non-military budget and increase spending on infrastructure and clean, renewable energy. When the economy recovers and unemployment is down to about 4-5%, we need to end the Bush tax cuts for all except the poor including the working poor. In the long run, we need to get control of health care costs by expanding to Medicare for All.

    This is a balance approach that acts for the Common Good, provides short-run stimulus and long-run deficit reduction without causing pain to the most vulnerable.

  • Marshall Boyler

    I spoke with their representatives and delivered the message. I am sure that both Senator Carper and Senator Coons will support ending the Bush Tax Cuts. The representative Grace for Senator Coons sounded really happy for the support.

  • Marcia Braun

    Spoke with Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio’s aide, Margery. She was very quiet, but listened and promised to pass on my comments / requests to the senator. I encouraged him to use his strong leadership and oratory to do what was right and fair – i.e. just let the Bush tax cuts “go away” for the wealthiest 2%.

  • Rleach

    Left phone messages for Senator Carl Levin (D-Mich) and Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich).
    Staffer who answered at the office of Representative Tim Walberg (R-7th District, Mich) listened politely to my plea that those who have the most to protect owe their well-being in large measure to the government’s protection of their lives and property, and therefore have an obligation to pay proportionately more in taxes. He politely promised to deliver my message.

  • Lirn535

    Talked to a staffer for Claire McCaskal, left comments not to look for money in Medicare, etc. and to end the tax cuts for the wealthy. Also to look into the vast amount of money wasted by the military and the National Health Institute on animal research. Animal research lives on grants which can be massive, go on for years and yield very little new information. Besides which animals are not people and cannot give valid test results about people.



  • Rhonda

    A man answered and was very receptive, and will pass on the message.

  • Rhonda

    I left Senator Boxer a message, and I spoke with a man answering for Senator Feinstein, and he was very receptive. I also called Wally Herger, our Congressman, but he is never receptive, so I doubt the message I left with his staff will go anywhere. He seems to only represent his own party members.

  • Sandy Brookover

    Rang and Rang….no answer; then just clicked off! To Mitch McConnell

  • Jcostley

    Left a message for Senator Hatch. The staff member was polite, but I’m fairly certain this will fall on deaf ears.

  • Niatheskia

    I called and told my 2 senators today. We need to let them know we’re watching.

  • Zrf6876

    I was able to reach Senator Barbara Boxer’s office easily and left my recorded message urging her to end the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% of the wage earners.

  • Fontulin

    I told my Republican representative ( Rodney Frelinghusen) to vote for eliminaitng Bush tax cuts for those making over $ 250,000.. The office said they’d pass that along

  • Jnahman

    I received “an application error has occurred….Goodbye” and was disconnected…ah, on second attempt went through.

  • Cay and Ron Marquart

    From the nearly solid Red state of Idaho–I called both senators and gave them the message. Let’s hope millions more do the same!!

  • Joyceback

    I reached a very nice young man in Sen. Blumenthal’s office. I told him that I was a great fan of the senator, but I wanted to make it clear that the bush tax cuts for the wealthy had to end and that I expected every democrat to reject any measure that cut the heart out of social programs.

  • Gailmarshmsw

    Left a msg for Scott Brown and Sen Kerry staffer said he’s already in favor but gave him message also.

  • Phil Notz

    I left messages with aids to senators Bennet and Udall. I asked them to pass on the message that we need to end the Bush tax cuts to the wealthiest 2% as soon as possible. The wealthy took virtually all of the economic benefits over the last 30 years and it’s time they paid their fair share of taxes.

  • Valerie

    Just thanked me. Senator Pryor’s office asked for my zip code. I called all three. It’s time they listened to the majority of the people.

  • Robbins2

    I know my representatives support letting the Bush Tax Cuts expire. I would like the phone number for Mitch McConnell’s and John Boehner’s offices. They are the ones who need to get the message. What are their phone numbers and email addresses? That is who we should be swamping with our calls and emails.

  • Gale

    I tried calling and there was a message that said, “We are sorry, an application error has occurred. We are sorry, Goodbye. Click.” Tried calling 888-531-3993 as well and received the same message. I am not sure if this is because this was a 1-day call in event only, or if there is something wrong with the software or phone line. Please email us again if this is repaired, and I will call again.

  • Jsparkkuli

    I spoke to staff in both Tom Udall’s and Jeff BIngaman’s offices about letting the bush tax cuts expire and was told my comments would be passed along

  • Sandra Kusler

    I called the toll free number twice – once for Baucus and once for Tester. A human answered immediately and took my call, my name and address, they said they would pass my message of the tax cut for the top 2% and pass it on.

  • Bg4bkg

    I got connected to Michael Bennet’s office, was greeted by a live person who indicated that she would pass along my message to the Senator.

  • pasmithhsd

    5:15 p.m. Called Sen. Bill Nelson’s office, reached a live person immediately. Left full message. Dialed for Sen. Rubio’s, got a message that lines were full, then to VM, which kicked me off w/msg. that mailbox was full. Some service-NOT!

  • Bob

    Senator McCaskill is committed to the principle of eliminating this top-tier tax break. Senator Blunt of Missouri did not have a position, nor did Congresswoman Hartzler. I would bet that Hartzler will vote no. Senator Blunt is a more curious story as this develops. He never has, but this election has fundamentally changed the equation.

  • Jennifer T. Schultz

    I called both senators schumer and gillibrand. both of the aide said that they suport ending the bush tax cuts. i also called rep brian higgins. all of the money spent in the presidenttal campaigns and the senator and rep campaigns this country would have already been on the road to recovery. eventually we will need to raise everyones taxes but now is not the time for taxing the middle class until the economy has had time to increase revenue from the middle class . the middle class are the ones who create jobs by purchasing materials and goods such as food and clothing.

  • Tractorguy2

    I called Sen. Coates asking to end Bush era tax cuts . I was told message would be relayed to him and I would be kept updated .

  • Louisefr

    Called Rep Tierney – person took my name and info and said Rep Tierney would get back to me .
    Senator Brown’s office got voicemail
    Senator Kerry — office said he supports tax cuts for the 98%

  • BLB

    Each time a receptionist took my message, on behalf of my wife and myself, that it is beyond time, no more excuses or delays, to end the Bush era tax cuts for the upper 2%. With both offices the conversation was cordial and relatively brief, and I believe my message will be passed on in some form to each of my Senators.

  • Rsmith2392

    I live in the state of Florida and took my time for two morning letting all of the 25 congressional members know how I felt about the tax for people making over $250,000. All took the time to listen and said that they would relay my concerns to the representatives.

  • Anative

    I wasted several minutes calling Senator McConnell’s office and making his receptionist aware of my position on the Bush Tax Cuts for the richest 2%. She did ask for my address and promised to relay my message. We all know he has no intention of cutting taxes for the wealthy but I like reminding him that the natives are getting restless.

  • Bggr34

    I called, and the staff member said my mesaage would be given.

  • Bcookform

    That was fun, I like this format. Keep up the good work, they do need to understand what a mandate looks like.

  • Davit1

    Called and received an answering machine. Left my message — “Please support a reversal of the Bush Tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% , our country was in a lot better shape before those tax cuts were implemented. It’s time for the Republican Congress to represent the Average American, and NOT JUST the 2% of the weathiest, and insurance Co.’s and Banks “.

    What I should have said is it is past time to try and indict the Obstructionist/Destructionist Republican House of Congress for Treason!; All who signed the Grover Norquist “Pledge” and who are hell-bent on destroying the U.S. and Global economies for selfish political purposes, as long as their choices for U.S. President— (McCain ??? & Romney ???) — are not in the White House, in my opinion are Treasonist to the United States of America. Look it up!; —- a coordinated attempt to damage the U.S. economy in a time of war is Treason! The Public Reporting & admissions of Mitch McConnell & Co. plotting to make their primaray goal to make our President a one-term President on the day of his inauguration should be proof enough. My God; They were plotting against the President of the United States as He was taking the oath of office! Where are any good Con-Law attorneys when we need them???

  • Deucebon

    You people are poor in knowledge. If you promote Federal power regarding an increase on taxation of any free citizen, don’t you realize you are doing it to yourselves? You should be calling your congressman and asking them why their Federal government is allowed to inaccurately report inflation, when you YOURSELF pay more than the 2 percent they report per year. THEY CHANGED HOW THEY MEASURE INFLATION!!! News flash… If inflation were measured, today, the way it was in the 80′s, it would be NEARLY 10 PERCENT. That means you are losing 10 PERCENT of YOUR DOLLAR’S PURCHASING POWER!!!! And you actually call your congressman looking for my 3% tax hike? Can’t you see they are using you?

    You think because a person has money, they can afford to give more to the Federal Government, but you don’t see that it’s 3% that will NOT GO INTO THE AMERICAN ECONOMY.

    You will suffer due to lack of knowledge. Oh… and FYI… The U.S. Dollar is not backed by the Gold in Fort Knox.

  • Bob Boyce

    I left a message for Rep. Fortenberry, telling him not to cut the safety net, but to end the tax cuts for the wealthy, and to cut the Pentagon.

  • Marlene Lynn

    I left a message on the phone of my wonderful re-elected Senator Sherrod Brown just to let him know I still support him and I know he supports me. I am on Social Security and Medicare, and I know Senator Brown is a wonderful person and a great Senator.

  • R Lerario

    I called Rep Runyan’s (NJ-03) office, since he has voted for Ryan’s budget, cuts to Medicare and social security. The staffer tried to convince me that he was working for his constituents. I respectfully disagreed, and told her that he needed to pay attention to what the voters said on November 6. (He was re-elected only because of gerrymandering.) she assured me shed pass along my comments, but clearly, I don’t believe his position has changed.

  • Marlene

    I called Senators Blumenthal and Lieberman and left my message not to extend Bush’s tax cuts and not to touch Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. The reps I spoke with were very polite.

  • Eleanor Bridgman

    I just spoke to Sen Durbin and Sen Kirk’s offices. Sen Kirk will not be back in DC until Jan but is working out of office in Chicago. I had the person I spoke to read back to me what he had written down I spoke about the tax cuts for the wealthy, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ending the fillabuster, and the need to work as bipartisons as they were sent to represent ALL of their constituents. While I was on a roll I brought up the fact that it is very rude to have the Senate always on Roll Call waiting for someone to speak.

  • Arosner66

    I called Scott Brown’s office as the most likely to support the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and left word with the legislative assistant to pass my comments on to the Senator.

  • Guest

    I left messages with Senators Casey and Toomey stressing the importance of allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire for the wealthiest 2% of America. I also contacted Representative Patrick Meehan’s office and left a message with a staffer.

  • Kgupton

    Office was closed for the day. I left a message with my name and where I live. I stated I had always supported Sen. Alexander when I felt what he was doing was in the best interest of TN.
    I stated that I felt the top 2 % should pay 8% taxes for the next twelve years. The first 4% would be what they should have always been paying (like during the Clinton years). The second 4% would make up for the money they should have been paying over the last twelve
    years. After twelve years, they could drop back to 4% if our economy was doing well enough.

  • Starge1956

    I called earlier this week. All of the people that I spoke to were very helpful and polite. Said that all of the politicians will get message. Hope that I helped.

  • Jacoba van Sitteren

    Got answering machine for both senators and left message for each.

  • Thomas E Reilly III

    The fear motivated pressure on Congress by voters to support the war on Iraq caused many Democrats to vote for a war they did not believe was justified. We the people can persuade our elected officials, even GOP members of congress, to end the Bush tax cuts on the top 2% by continued pressure. They do tend to listen when a multitude bombard them with their voices but it takes a huge effort on the part of the public to persuade a Congressman to change their stance. Fear of losing their office, their position of standing in the public and their source of revenue go a long way in determining their views, how they vote and their positions on important issues. Make calls, sign petitions, email, etc. We can make a difference after the election to have the voices of the voting public heard.

  • Lawmk1


  • Marge Bartick

    I called & left a message to end the tax cuts for the rich.

  • Ric and Debbie

    Called lame duck Richard Lugar senator R-IN. They already have my name and address, so they know I’m a D and didn’t need to know anymore than that!!! Dan Coats R-IN has good music on his call waiting, but at least they wanted to hear what I had to say…one of these days I’m going to tell them what I think of rats-assed republicans…