Turn out the vote in Wisconsin: Tammy, Thompson tied in Senate

clee October 24, 2012 1

False and vicious. Those are the words used by FactCheck.org to describe Tommy Thompson’s latest attack ad in Wisconsin’s Senate race where he tries to politicize the attacks on September 11th.1

Thompson’s attack is especially offensive because unlike Thompson, Tammy Baldwin sought to honor the victims with more than just words, but action. She was one of the earliest and strongest supporters for the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act — an act that was necessary in large part due to the abject failure of Thompson himself, who failed to provide adequate protection of first responders when he served as Secretary of Health and Human Services during the Bush administration.2

September 11th was an attack on all Americans and should never be used to make cheap political points. We’re going to send that message to Wisconsin by making calls for Tammy Baldwin and President Obama tonight. Will you join us?

Thompson’s vitriolic rhetoric shouldn’t come as any surprise to you by now. Thompson’s hate-filled campaign has included his son saying Barack Obama needs to go back to Kenya3and his political director had the gall to attack Baldwin on her sexual orientation, saying she lacks “heartland values” because she attended an LGBT rally.4

But more important than his vitriolic rhetoric, are his policies. If elected, he pledged to be the “51st vote to repeal Obamacare and pass Paul Ryan’s Pathway to Prosperity” plan.5 And let’s not forget his previous declaration that he’s the guy to “do away with” Medicare and Medicaid.6

Standing in stark contrast is Tammy Baldwin who’s run a campaign largely focused on the economy and getting America back to work again. She is the lead sponsor of the Buffett Rule so millionaires will pay their fair share and she has been a fierce opponent of the Romney/Ryan plan that will end Medicare as we know it.7

There’s only 13 days to go till Election Day and Tommy Thompson and Tammy Baldwin are virtually tied in Wisconsin’s Senate race.

We really can’t leave this one to chance. Will you join us tonight to help turn out the vote in Wisconsin for Tammy and Obama?

We’re counting on you.

Thanks for all you do!


P.S. Can’t make calls? Please chip in $5 to help fund our calling program.

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