Tips to Make Your Calls Succesful

Ross Wallen October 23, 2012 0


If you’re joining us for a phone bank this evening or later in the week, we’ve got some tips that you might find useful below. You can also download these tips here.

On the the call, we’ll provide you with a script but it’s always helpful to have additional talking points on hand which you can download here as well.

Some Pointers:

1. Use firm statements and avoid questions when possible; this will convey urgency and confidence. Assume support!

2. Be Conversational. We are providing you with a proven wrap, but it is important to listen and respond appropriately to everyone you call. Practice the wrap once or twice before you get on the phone; this will help you to sound casual, and not like a robot.

3. Keep it short and simple; don’t add details when you don’t need to. A long intro will lose someone’s attention before you get to the point of your call.

4. Keep in mind why we’re doing this: studies have shown that personal, one-on-one contact is key to persuading voters and getting them to the polls.

Common Responses:

  • They say: “I don’t have time to talk.”

You say: “I understand, I promise to keep this short.” (Don’t wait for a response, go into your wrap. And keep to your promise and keep it short!)

  • They say: “I already voted.”

You say: “That’s great. Can we count you as a support of President Obama and ____?”

  • They say: “Where did you get my number?”

You say: “We’re calling names for the voter file.”

  • They say: “Is this a telemarking/fundraising call?” or “I’m on the do-not-call list.”

You say: No, this is not a telemarking/fundraising call – we are doing a very short survey with voters.

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