Why is this even a question?

clee June 13, 2012 0

Should the government keep giving tax breaks to US companies to shift jobs overseas? Incredibly, that’s now a debate in Washington.

The American middle class is getting crushed and closed off, while huge corporations get tax breaks for shipping our jobs overseas.

Here’s just one example. General Electric paid no – zilch, nada, zero – federal income taxes while making more than $10 billion in profits and shipping thousands of American jobs overseas.1 GE has parked $ 102 billion in profits off-shore. And GE is far from alone. American companies are sitting on some $$$1.2 trillion in off-shore profits.2

That’s ridiculous. Will you join us to put an end to this outrageous tax giveaway?

Now President Obama and Democrats in Congress want to put an end to the tax breaks for big business to ship our jobs out of the country. In early July, the U.S. Senate will vote on the Bring Jobs Home Act, which will directly reward companies that create jobs here in the U.S. instead of sending them away.

This should be a no-brainer – but with Republicans in lock-step opposition, we need you to sign our petition in support of the bill.

We’ll deliver your petition to members of Congress at events across the country to put the pressure on before the vote.

Here are the questions we’ll be asking: Do you stand with the working families and the small businesses that create two-thirds of American jobs? Or do you stand with the CEO campaign contributors who cut our wages and benefits and ship our jobs overseas?

 With unemployment hovering around eight percent and millions of Americans still out of work, it is outrageous that we are giving huge tax breaks to multinational companies.

Join us and share your story if you or someone you know has been personally affected by a company outsourcing jobs. We’ll be delivering your petition signatures and your stories to Sen. Stabenow’s office to show the groundswell of support for her bill – and to provide personal testimony showing how outsourcing has hurt everyday Americans.

The time to end this corporate gravy train is now. Sign our petition, and then, share your story if a company outsourcing jobs overseas has personally affected you or someone you know.

[1] GE made $10 billion in profits from 2008-2010 and got $4.7 billion in federal income tax rebates: http://www.ctj.org/corporatetaxdodgers/ From 2004 to 2010, GE cut its American workforce by 32,000 but increased its foreign workforce by 12,000: http://usaction.org/2011/11/new-report-fool-me-twice-corporations-pay-congress-to-rip-off-taxpayers-again/)

[2] AFL-CIO, June 2012.

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